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About STEMxYouth Summit

The STEMxYouth Summit, a student-planned and student-run all day conference, sponsored by the Student Technology Leadership Team at Marymount School of New York. The summit brings thought leaders, trailblazers, pathfinders, influencers, growth hackers, students and educators together to discuss the next generation of STEMx.

Stemxyouth SummitThe STEMxYouth Summit started seven years ago as the Global Student Technology Conference. The Conference was a free, virtual event that featured keynote speakers and crowdsourced student presentations in grades six through 12 and college, focusing on best practices in STEM and entrepreneurship. The Conference ran for twelve hours on Blackboard. The conference then morphed into the STEMxYouth Summit, an in-person event, for the past three years. Like every other conference in 2020, the event was faced with transforming the event from physical back to virtual.

The STEMxYouth Summit had two main goals for their virtual event:

  1. How to bring high school students and teachers together with STEMx researchers and professionals for a conversation (or two) in a virtual or physical space?
  2. How can students serve as project managers, bringing concepts to the conference?

In short, my students coordinated and ran a six hour virtual event FLAWLESSLY! I may have set up the account on Sched as well as all the Zoom links, but the success of the event belongs to the student coordinators. We doubled attendance from 2019 and drew attendees from across the United States. We drew a more diverse group of speakers from across the United States as well; the virtual format made it easy for speakers to participate. We even had Dr. Deborah Birx, US Global AIDS Coordinator and Coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force as our closing speaker!”

– Eric Walters, Director of STEM Education at Marymount School of New York

Stemxyouth Summit

How STEMxYouth Summit managed the event on Sched:

  1. Register attendees with the Eventbrite integration.
  2. Manage and share Zoom access with attendees and speakers across all sessions.
  3. Engage attendees with interactive Q&A sessions throughout the event. made this all possible. We were able to connect our Eventbrite registration with our site and post our Zoom links for each session with ease. And the folks at were great in helping us with making our costs manageable.

The students ran the day and ran it well. They were problem solvers, they were communicators, they were public relations specialists. They were project managers. As their teacher and faculty advisor, I got to sit back and watch the magic happen. I could not be more proud.

– Eric Walters, Director of STEM Education at Marymount School of New York

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