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How to Stay Productive During Distance Learning

For over a year now the world has been getting familiar with changes to people’s daily lives, which all of us had to endure because of the pandemic. These changes seeped into all spheres of human activity, including education. In 2021 most learning is done online, so both students and teachers had to adjust to…

Is Remote Learning Accessible For Students With Learning Disabilities?

Is Remote Learning Accessible for Students With Learning Disabilities?

In 2020, pandemic lockdown measures required schools to switch classroom education to remote learning. Unfortunately, this left many students out in the cold, especially those with learning disabilities. For many of these students, online learning makes education difficult or even unattainable. However, it’s also clear that remote schoolwork is not going away any time soon….

Stemxyouth Summit

How STEMxYouth Summit Doubled Attendance Of The Student-Run Event

About STEMxYouth Summit The STEMxYouth Summit, a student-planned and student-run all day conference, sponsored by the Student Technology Leadership Team at Marymount School of New York. The summit brings thought leaders, trailblazers, pathfinders, influencers, growth hackers, students and educators together to discuss the next generation of STEMx. The STEMxYouth Summit started seven years ago as…

Virtual Learning Is Changing

6 Ways Virtual Learning Is Changing In 2021

Over the last several years, the virtual learning industry has been growing dramatically. Nowadays, virtual education isn’t just about video conferencing or watching pre-recorded videos — it’s about designing a fully-immersive experience for students. These massive changes and innovations can be both an opportunity and a challenge for instructors. To ride the wave, you must…

Remote Teaching

6 Ways to Keep Your Students’ Attention During Remote Learning

This past year has presented a unique challenge for teaching that has truly never been encountered before. As a teacher in a regular classroom, you are able to control or at least observe the actions and behaviors of your students. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers can often struggle to truly retain the attention of…

Remote Teaching Tips And Strategies For Educators

8 Remote Teaching Tips And Strategies For Educators

Building a meaningful online learning environment can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned instructors. The biggest challenge that they face is learning how to use technology effectively to deliver content and evaluate students’ mastery of content without much guidance. In this article, we are sharing some important work from home tips for educators to…