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Large Confernce Crowd Of Sponsors And Attenddees

Product updates: Elevate event sponsors, avoid ticket confusion, seamless room assigning

Summary Boost your attendees’ experience with Sched’s latest product updates.  Effortlessly assign rooms across all your event sessions with our Find a Room function.  Avoid ticketing confusion with our Single Ticket Purchase option.  Delight event sponsors with our updated sponsor expansion.  Welcome to our latest article, where we’re thrilled to unveil groundbreaking updates designed to transform…

Event Sponsors

9 Top strategies to maximize ROI for your event sponsors

In today’s highly competitive event landscape, maximizing return on investment (ROI) is crucial for both event organizers and their event sponsors and exhibitors.  Event sponsors and exhibitors invest significant resources in events, and they expect to see tangible results and a positive impact on their business objectives.  As an event organizer, it is your responsibility…