Author: Francesca Pinder

Attendeerecommended Strategies For Sustainable Events

Attendee-recommended strategies for sustainable events

The United Nations defined “sustainability” back in 1987 as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sched wants to know what impact an increased focus on “sustainability” has on event planning and surveyed conference attendees to learn more. Watch Demo Attendees on Sustainability According…

Why Does Event Planning Software Cost So Much?

Why does event planning software cost so much?

Rising inflation was a recurring theme filling the 2022 news cycle. As we watched inflation impact our 2022 budgets, it often felt like we could do little more than hold our breath and subject ourselves to higher costs. Event planners are scrambling, and a lack of transparent pricing when comparing conference scheduling software only adds…

Event Planning Lessons From Pendomonium Emea 2022

What lessons can event planners learn from attending other events?

What’s the best way for event planners to discover inspiration for their events? By attending events! Sched regularly attends events to uncover the latest and greatest event planning practices and share our findings with our community of event planners.  In November 2022, we attended the Pendomonium EMEA 2022 conference in London. Like any conference we…

Launch A Call For Speakers

How to launch a call for speakers for your next event

Whether you’re organizing a conference or planning your school district’s professional development day, attendees will ultimately evaluate your event based on the quality of the speakers. Including expert insights in your event’s session content is a sure-fire way to boost attendance and attendee satisfaction.  But finding great speakers that can command a conference session, educate,…

Conference Attendees Want Postevent Content

Event Attendees want post-event content

Conference attendees want online access to all event materials after the event. Sched, an event scheduling software app that has hosted over 25,000 events, conducted a survey with attendees across the many conferences hosted on the platform to ask them about their experiences and advice. “In November 2022 we heard from over 500 conference attendees…

Event Session Content

7 simple ways to craft effective conference session content

Your event planning program can automate many of your tasks, but great events require building great session content.  Of course, you want attendees to be engaged, interested, and excited about the topic, but sometimes it’s hard to know what event content will work best and engage them.  In this article, we’ll explore choosing session topics,…

Event Planning Problems Advice

Dear Eve: I have an event planning problem

Meet Eve. Event planner by day, Superhero by night.  Her mission? To help event planners create out-of-this-world experiences. Eve’s saved over 25,000 events and rescued more than 10 million attendees.  Are you haunted by a nasty problem or facing an event villain? Ask Eve. She’ll wield her superpowers to bust underperforming vendors, negotiate better deals,…

Setting Goals For Your Event

How to set the right goals for an event

If you’re planning an event, it’s important to set goals. Event goals give direction and help make planning decisions that contribute to the success of your event. Decisions and priority setting become easy when you evaluate every tactic against your goals for the event. It’s important to connect your planning task list with your goals….

Career Pathways Conference

San Diego County Office of Education gets K-12 Students Career Ready

To improve student career readiness, the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) hosts recurring virtual and in-person professional development conferences for the region’s educators with the help of Sched.  San Diego County Office of Education’s story  San Diego County has half a million K-12 students and 42 different school districts, each with their own…