There’s a lot of work and effort that goes into organizing an event. Sometimes it’s months and months of preparation to create an environment perfect for sharing ideas and knowledge. Although our attention usually focuses on the event itself, where most of our work is done, we can benefit significantly from conducting post-event surveys.

Event surveys can help you plan better for the future. How to respond to different clients’ needs working in different niches? Which solutions work as-is, and which ones can be improved? What was the most valuable for the attendees? What will keep them returning, or even telling others to attend?

These are very important questions that can help you plan your future events. With our event scheduling software, Sched, you can efficiently conduct post-event surveys and collect data as it’s all in one place.

Post-Event Survey – What to Ask For?

Getting event feedback is incredibly helpful, but are you lost on what to ask? It really depends on what you want to get feedback data on. Are you looking for information about practical aspects, like the organization of the whole event, or maybe you want the answers regarding the general impressions of event attendees, the quality of the panels, and topics?

Either way, constructing good survey questions is a relatively time-consuming task. That’s why we prepared a list of post-event survey questions that you can ask your attendees to better prepare for your next event.

What is the level of your satisfaction after the event?

This question can be a closed or an open one. It gives you a good insight into the general impressions of attendees after the event. It’s good to know if the attendees were content with the event’s organization or if they weren’t – and why.

What for you is the most valuable takeaway from this conference?

This question gives you data on what you did best, what people value about your events, and what you can emphasize in the future.

How would you grade the choice of location and venue?

Location and venue are always important to get right because they directly impact the whole experience of the attendees. In your post-event survey, you have the perfect opportunity to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen location.

Were you satisfied with the quality of topics and panels?

Usually, people know which topics will be raised during the conference ahead of time. Still, it’s to be expected that different speakers will have different approaches to these topics, and conversation can often drift off in interesting directions. This question gives you an insight into how attendees liked the subjects of conversations/lectures and how they were held.

You can also add questions about the selection of the speakers and their engagement.

How would you evaluate networking opportunities at the event?

Networking is an essential part of any event, especially an industry event. Asking this question on your post-event survey creates an excellent opportunity for you to learn about how better manage the schedule of any event with this specific aspect in mind.

Are you satisfied with the staff’s assistance?

Of course, you care about ensuring the best possible assistance for all attendees. Getting this constructive feedback is crucial to best support your staff and provide the best quality of service.

Would you implement any changes to the event? If so, what would they be?

The question has the potential to be a mine of ideas for the next event. It’s worth asking your attendees about changes they would have implemented because it’s an easy way to find out what can be improved and in what way. Sometimes you can even discover some brand new ideas you haven’t thought about.

What would you like to see in future events?

Post-event survey questions serve a great purpose, enhancing organization processes in the future. This question does precisely that, encouraging the attendees to share their experiences, ideas, and tips. By meeting your attendees’ expectations, you can ensure the best experience for the largest group of people.

This question is similar to the previous one, so you can choose one of them to be included in the post-event surveys or ask both questions.

Questions for the Speakers

Getting feedback from event attendees is valuable. It’s a good idea to share your post-event survey questions with speakers as well. This way, we will learn how to best cooperate with speakers in the future. These are some questions you can include in the post-event survey.

How would you grade the staff’s assistance?

Every member of your team should work in sync and with the understanding of the goal you’ve set for the event. This includes speakers, so their feedback is especially valuable in this matter. This question can reveal any issues that could arise, which gives you a better chance to address them before they become more significant problems in the future. Ask how you can best help them to make your event an even bigger success next time.

What can you say about the attendees’ engagement?

This is a great way to find out if there is a need to change some aspects of an event schedule. If the audience is not very active, there might be a need to implement some warm-up activities before the panels begin.

Pre-Event Survey Questions

To get “the full picture,” you can also ask the attendees to fill out pre-event surveys. This way, you can meet their needs and preferences in order to guarantee the best experience for everyone. Some pre-event survey questions you can ask are these:

  1. What are your food requirements/preferences?
  2. What are some of the topics you would like to see covered at the event?
  3. Which items would you like to find in your swag?
  4. Do you have any special requirements we should consider to ensure you with the best experience at the event?
  5. Which tools and information do you find the most important and helpful to best enjoy the event?
  6. What kind of social activities would you like to participate in at the event?


While planning future events, it is very beneficial to hear constructive feedback from attendees and staff. Post-event surveys give you an amazing opportunity to collect the most critical data and use it when organizing your next event.

When conducting surveys, it’s best to designate a time slot for attendees to fill them out during the event (for example, at the last break). Post-event surveys can be conducted via our event app, Sched, which is convenient for the surveyed and you. Post-event email reminders will be sent to attendees by default, and you can even choose whether you’d like speakers to see their feedback directly through Sched or not.

Sched is an excellent tool for organizing events like conferences, festivals, or open days in schools, including a virtual event. With Sched, you can personalize attendees’ experiences to ensure the best quality of service.

Conduct pre-event surveys as well as post-event surveys via an app for the easiest access for everyone attending the event. You can explore Sched on a free trial and experience a new quality of planning

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Author: The Sched Team

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