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Paid Registration Ticketing

Sched Adds Paid Registration Feature to its Event Scheduling Software

August 17, 2022. launched a major update to its event scheduling software platform that enhances its event registration module by integrating easy-to-use paid registration options.  “Sched’s paid registration feature eliminates the need to use an external ticketing service,” said Marvin McTaw, CEO of Sched. “Event planners can fully customize how they register attendees for…

Woc In Tech

10 Black-Owned Tech Companies To Support

As a Black-owned business, we’re always inspired and excited to see other Black-owned tech companies innovating and creating in their spaces. Black business owners frequently lack access to venture funding. As consumers and decision-makers, voting with our wallets and budgets is one of the best ways to effect change and support Black-owned businesses. From B2B…