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Conference Attendees Want Postevent Content

Event Attendees want post-event content

Research summary Conference attendees want online access to all event materials after the event.   Sched, an event scheduling software app that has hosted over 25,000 events, conducted a survey with attendees across the many conferences hosted on the platform to ask them about their experiences and advice. “In November 2022 we heard from over 500…

Event Planning Survey

Attendees prioritize event basics

Research summary Sched conducted a survey of over 300 people who recently attended a conference and asked them what’s important to make both a great event and a great session. The most important elements of an event Respondents overwhelmingly focused on content, ranking the quality of the presentations as the landslide priority followed by interactions…

Attendee Snacks

Conference attendees crave healthy snacks

Sched gave over 300 recent conference attendees a choice in afternoon snacks and asked them for their preferences. A whopping 74% prefer healthy snacks over the 26% that chose unhealthy midday snacks. Attendees were given 8 possible options and asked for their favorite option. Cheese and crackers were selected by 30% of all attendees followed…