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10 Tips For Hosting Virtual Events

Gone are the days when virtual events were regarded as futuristic thoughts. Today they have emerged as powerful tools to ensure engagement-driven, value-added experiences in the digital landscape. While ​virtual events have been around since 1993, the pandemic situation of 2020 has clearly shown that they are the way forward for festivals, conferences or any…

Event Email Marketing

7 Subject Line Tips For Event Email Campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of promoting something, like an event. However, emailing people about an event isn’t just about sending email. In fact, if your series of promotional emails haven’t been A/B tested – or at least thought through – to ensure working messages with subject lines that are…

Feature Your Sponsors During Virtual Events

6 Creative Ways To Feature Your Sponsors During Virtual Events

Do you remember the last time you attended a conference or a convention? The pandemic situation has made our entire world virtual, from our daily meetings and office interactions to video calls with extended family members or friends, it is all online. Organizations of all sizes and types have taken their conferences and events online…

Post Eventmetricsformeasuringsuccess

5 Key Post-Event Metrics For Measuring Success

So, you organized an event for the company, and now is the time to analyze the performance. A few important questions the leadership team might toss at you could be – Did it meet the expectations? What were the KPIs and were they achieved? What was the ROI? How could we have done better? To…

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Best Virtual Event Management Software 2021

Best Virtual Event Management Software 2021 The landscape of events has changed drastically in 2020.  These changes will be in effect for the foreseeable future as virtual events remain prominent for 2021. By the end of 2021, more hybrid events might even be popular, combining both in-person and online capabilities when possible. The transition from…

Virtual Event Team

You Need These Five Roles On Your Virtual Event Team

One of the major shifts for this year has been how companies and organizations have been forced to hold conventions, presentations, and other kinds of events that they normally hold in-person virtually instead. And while hosting a virtual event comes with many conveniences, it also presents new challenges. If you want to hold a flawless…

Writing A Press Release

Writing a Press Release to Promote a Virtual Conference

The global situation we find ourselves in has everyone on edge, small businesses and startups included. Whether you specialize in SAAS, eCommerce, or cloud-based service outsourcing, you may want to organize a virtual event or a conference down the line. According to Small Biz Trends, virtual conferences will account for 80% of all the internet…

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Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival

The Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival has been lighting up the theatre scene in Chicago since 2013. The organizers were considering canceling their event this year in light of the pandemic, but they decided to test out our virtual platform to see how their festival might thrive in a new environment. They adapted their performance structure…

Virtual Event Services

Virtual Event Services

Running virtual events open new avenues for your participants, but it can add more organizing on your end. Let Sched join your team to help with event set up, speaker training, and providing dedicated support. You’ll have more time to focus on the content, networking and maybe even the confidence to take a little break….

Critical Event Marketing Strategies

4 Critical Event Marketing Strategies

You know the ins and outs of what’s needed to make your event successful. Even with that knowledge, marketing events and growing audiences can still be a major pain point within event organization. During a recent webinar, serial entrepreneur Allan Dib shared some helpful tips we think everyone should keep in mind when considering marketing…

Best Event Management Software

Best Event Management Software 2021

What is Event Management Software? Event management software contains a wide range of software products that are used to manage professional and academic conferences, conventions, trade shows, music festivals and can even be used for smaller events. Using event management software can help organize and simplify the planning and execution of these events by eliminating…