• Boost registration with AI power
  • Improved Control Panel for ultimate oversight
  • First-class event app experience for iOS attendees 
  • And a sneak peek of the goodies in our next update! 

Conference management software isn’t timeless. We’ll be as relevant as a typewriter if we don’t keep evolving our tools. 

And for our tools to be relevant and useful, we listen to you. The users. As your problems and your goals change – so does our product.  

And with the new features and updates celebrated below, we’re stamping our relevance credentials for another quarter!

So read on to discover the treats that will elevate your event management!  

Give your conference management software extra sparkle with built-in AI text suggestions 

Stop wasting your time writing stuff. Let go of the anxiety of finding the right words. Don’t risk boring descriptions that get boring responses. 

Our built-in AI tool will give you instant copy that engages and attracts attendees, setting you free to move on to more important tasks. 

It’s futuristic and professional-looking event management – all for less work. 

Captivating session titles that lure in attendees

An Example Of Our Ai Conference Management Software
AI conference management software

Make your attendee’s mouths water by dangling AI-generated session titles in front of them. 

All you have to do is put in a prompt, and with a click, job done! 

Captivating session descriptions that drive your sign-ups up and up 

Your flashy title has their attention. Finish the job with a session description that makes them smash the registration button. 

Automatically transform your session descriptions into clear, compelling invitations. You’ll have Various styles and tones at your command.  

From clean summaries to detailed expansions. With AI-generated information, including surprising facts from a comprehensive knowledge base on the topic. 

BONUS ADVICE – This isn’t our first exploration into AI. Read these 90+ ChatGPT prompts that can streamline your event management instantly.  

Psst… Where next on our AI journey? 

This small step into AI is just the beginning. We’re launching new AI features across all of our event planning tools. Because AI is a hot topic in professional development events right now! 

But we want to give you the ones you want most first. So tell us, what do you want? 

  • Intelligent attendee matching? 
  • Personalized session recommendations? 
  • Dynamic schedule optimization?
  • Automated social media engagement? 
  • Event image generation? 

Why Do Event Planners Love Sched? from Sched Support on Vimeo.

More powerful – easier to use; same control panel – better conference management software

Conferene Management Software Control Panel
Conference management software control panel


Having too many files and windows open leaves busy event planners suffering from motion sickness. Switching between windows – racking your brain trying to figure out where that thing is. We get it. It’s annoying. 

That’s why we’ve redesigned our control panel. We’ve put all of the key features you love in one place. More visible and more accessible. Everything you need, where you can see it. 

Here are some of the cool benefits you can expect to enjoy: 

    • Improved navigation for user-friendliness – (especially to utilize the space favored by modern screens)
    • Streamlined access to events and reports – (especially after consolidating reporting tools in one place)
      • On this subject, avoid a feedback fiasco. Learn where event planners go wrong collecting attendee feedback and stay away!
  • Easy access to event sessions, attendees, and speakers – (your most important things in plain sight)
  • Consistent visibility of the event name being managed – (useful for those of you planning multiple events!) 

Glorious event app experience for iOS users 

Our New Ios App For Conference Management Software
iOS app conference management software

Nothing feels more unprofessional than an app that feels like it’s from the Stone Age. That’s why we make sure ours always feel fresh. Case in point: the new and improved iOS schedule viewer!

Goodbye to outdated event info 

Avoid event communication chaos. Don’t give your attendees the excuse to be in the wrong place at the wrong time 

Changes you make to your control panel will appear on iOS apps instantly. No more confusion, no more outdated info. 

If you need to change a session time, a workshop location, or a speaker, it’s updated in real-time – Whatever your attendee reads when they open their event app is 100% correct. 

No more bug bites

Apps that are slow and crash are just infuriating. So when we discovered a (tiny) percentage of user crashes, we had to fix it ASAP. We couldn’t have that. 

You can rest assured, your iOS users will be frustration-free. Less annoying glitches for you and your attendees, happier event management for you. 

BONUS ADVICE – Avoid chaos: the consequences of poor event communication systems!

Try Sched on iOS now and enjoy it for yourself! 

NEXT TIME, on Sched’s latest features updates

An Exampe Of Our New Conference Management Software  The Callforspeakers Tool
Conference management software

The headline act for our next conference management software update is our Call-for-speakers tool!

  • Why? Because manually evaluating hundreds of speaker submissions is slowing down your event planning process. 
  • Instead, build a professional – and unique – call-for-speakers page in 3 easy steps. 
  • Our tool will then analyze and curate a list of the top results. All that’s left for you to do is pick your favorite from the very best. 

So, in short, more engaging speakers for your attendees – smoother event organizing for you!

This tool is going to be flying off the shelf

so join the waiting list to make sure you don’t miss out! 


But wait, even more conference management software updates are coming! 

The Call-for-speakers tool won’t be the whole story in our next issue. There’s even more still to come. Such as… 

  • Session locking
  • Email log 
  • Improved ticketing system
  • Batch group scheduling 
  • Google and Apple SSO integrations
  • UI/UX for participant-facing sites 


The takeaways 

    • Boost registration with AI power
    • Improved Control Panel for ultimate oversight
    • First-class event app experience for iOS attendees 
  • NEXT TIME, on Sched’s latest features updates, 7 tools to power up your event planning 

That’s a wrap for (now). We’re very proud of our product team – and so excited to share their work with you! 

It’s the same user-friendly Sched, only better. Conference management software for non-techy people. 

Now, take these tools and level up your events. You can even try it for free if you want! 



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Author: Harry Prince

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