• Boost networking with our next-level chat tool
  • No more stress when it comes to event ticketing and registration
  • Streamline attendance tracking

In today’s fast-paced world, connecting with others has never been more crucial, especially at events where the buzz of potential networking opportunities fills the air. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the latest enhancements to our event networking and registration platform

Dive into a world where connections are made effortlessly, and every detail is handled with precision. Welcome to the future of event networking and registration.

Boost attendee networking and connections like a pro

Screenshots Of Event Ticketing And Event Chat In Action
Event chat in action

People don’t attend events just to be talked at. They want to be engaged and to engage. In other words, networking is one of the primary reasons people attend events. 

But here’s the thing, there are a lot of common problems with attendee networking apps. That’s why we’re constantly evolving ours!

For example, our new and improved event networking app simplifies your event planning process while enhancing the attendee experience.

The networking features enable attendees to easily connect before, during, and after the event. Attendees can create profiles, browse other attendees’ profiles, and send direct messages to start meaningful conversations.

    • Virtual profiles that feel real: Let your attendees build profiles that represent them. Let their fellow attendees browse and explore the profiles of people they want to connect with. 
    • Chatting: At the top right-hand side of your attendee’s app they’ll see our cutting-edge event chat. From here, all your participants can send and receive direct messages!
    • More (group) chatting: Say you make friends in a morning workshop – you guys can create group chats and keep the conversation going. 
    • Don’t let time get in the way of good chatting: If your group chat is still full-steam ahead by EOD, don’t mourn, keep the party going! The chat function is available before, during, and after your event. 
  • Don’t miss a thing: Your attendees also have access to auto-generated channels. For example, in the Notifications channel, you can keep attendees up to date with what’s happening next or important information. 
  • Community atmosphere: There’s also the Event Lobby, which can be used as a news feed or social area. Participants can post photos, updates, or whatever they please! 

P.S. Don’t want it? Don’t use it – If you aren’t interested in networking – just turn it off. We don’t want you to be bothered if you just want to watch the awesome content! 

Boost Attendee Networking and Connections like a Pro from Sched Support on Vimeo.


Streamline your event ticketing & registration process

Simple Ways to Elevate Your Ticketing & Registration Process from Sched Support on Vimeo.

Event ticketing and registration can sometimes feel like herding cats. It can be stressful for event planners, and just plain confusing for attendees. 

That’s why we’ve leveled up our event ticketing and registration management platform. We’ve made the process seamless and stress-free.

FOR YOU: Create customized registration forms, track attendance, and manage ticket sales in one place.

FOR YOUR ATTENDEES (and you too!): Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to rookies and pros alike!

  • Easy for attendees: Sched’s inbuilt event registration and ticketing allows you to have your attendees simply sign up for your event directly on Sched. From an attendee’s point of view, their first step would be to log in to an existing Google, Facebook, or Sched account, or they can simply just enter their name and email. 
  • Event ticketing options: Beyond this, you can also create tickets for people to select, and those can either be free or paid tickets. And then as part of this, you can also apply promo and coupon codes as well to add a discount to the ticket cost. 
  • Fast and safe payments: The paid aspect is done by integration with a platform called Stripe, which is a payment processing platform that Sched collaborates with. 
  • BONUS FEATURE: You can also create and customize a registration form to collect additional information from your attendees for event-boosting analysis. 

P.S. Learn even more about the positive impact of a quality event registration system here!

Easier attendance tracking than ever before! 

Tracking Attendance Has Never Been Easier: You Need an Event Check-in App from Sched Support on Vimeo.

Tired of uncertainty? Of unreliable tracking methods? Look no further than our simple event check-in app! Our app eliminates the need for paper lists, making the process of tracking event attendance easier and more accurate than ever before.

Here’s where you’ll win straight away

  • It allows organizers to easily manage check-ins and track attendance, 
  • It also provides attendees with a seamless and efficient check-in process.


  • Gain valuable insights from attendee data
  • Instant access to individual attendee details
  • Convenient control panel for Sched event management
  • Efficiently track check-in status and event data
  • Access standard reports through Sched exports
  • Download check-in CSV for attendee and session details

How it works in two easy options: 

Check-in managers or Self-check-in

Check-in managers: To ensure smooth check-ins at your event, appoint check-in managers. They can easily use the Sched account iOS app or web interface. 

By selecting the session they are managing, they can view and check in registered attendees with a simple click.

Self-check-in: The alternative approach would be to run a self-check-in on your event, which will allow the attendees to check themselves in. 

If you have this turned on, during the time of the session itself, the attendee will be able to access Sched and then click on the Check-in Now button to check themselves in for that session. 

Check-in will become available 10 minutes before the start of each session until 10 minutes after it ends.

The takeaways 

Thanks for joining us guys. Now you’re ready to start Sched for free and start experiencing and benefiting from these awesome product updates!

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