Are you tired of limited event attendance and minimal participant engagement? Well, get ready to be blown away by Sched’s latest feature updates!

Whether you’re a seasoned event organizer or just starting out, our latest features make your job easier and your events more successful.

Enhance your attendee’s experience, drive ticket sales, and take your events to new heights.

Coupon & Promo Codes: Offer discounts and boost ticket sales 

Event Registration System  Payment Options

Build a sense of exclusivity and urgency by offering discount codes with our event registration system. Offer a percentage or specific value discount, then distribute coupon codes to your target audience. Create a buzz around your event to increase attendance.

Tips for success:

  • Carefully consider your target audience and tailor the discount codes for them. This will ensure that your promo codes resonate with the right people and increase the likelihood of ticket purchases.
  • Distribute your coupon codes through various channels, such as email newsletters, social media platforms, or partner websites.
  • Create a sense of urgency and drive ticket sales by emphasizing limited availability or a deadline for redeeming the promo codes.

(Included in all plans)

Group Booking & Ticket Sharing: Amplify your event’s reach and impact

Gone are the days of tedious individual ticket purchases and complicated guest lists. Allow attendees to book multiple tickets and easily secure tickets for their peers. 

Our ticket-sharing function makes it a breeze for purchasers to distribute tickets among their network. Generate excitement for attendees, not confusion and stress. 

Tips for success:

  • Offer discounted ticket prices for groups of a certain size. This will incentivize group bookings, increase ticket sales, and create a sense of community.
  • Host exclusive events or meet-ups for group ticket holders. This could include networking events or exclusive Q&A sessions with speakers. Provide additional value for group attendees to encourage them to keep coming back.
  • Offer group organizers perks such as reserved seating, personalized event merchandise, or dedicated group entrances.

(Included in all plans)

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Event Lobby & Announcements Channels: Maximize networking and enhance social connections

Event Lobby And Announcements Channels

Build communities and facilitate knowledge exchange. Allow participants to share ideas, post updates, and comment on discussions in the Event Lobby channel. 

Last-minute changes? Keep participants informed with the Announcement Channel.

Tips for success:

  • Create a friendly and inclusive environment by greeting participants and encouraging attendees to introduce themselves.
  • Post valuable resources such as articles, videos, or website links related to the event’s topic. Encourage participants to share their own resources and engage in discussions around them.
  • Initiate conversations by asking thought-provoking questions related to the event’s theme or industry. Encourage participants to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas.
  • When posting announcements, provide information in a concise and understandable manner. Use bullet points or numbered lists to clearly highlight important details.
  • Ask participants to provide feedback or ask questions. This will help address concerns about your event and foster a sense of transparency.

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