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Is Remote Learning Accessible For Students With Learning Disabilities?

Is Remote Learning Accessible for Students With Learning Disabilities?

In 2020, pandemic lockdown measures required schools to switch classroom education to remote learning. Unfortunately, this left many students out in the cold, especially those with learning disabilities. For many of these students, online learning makes education difficult or even unattainable. However, it’s also clear that remote schoolwork is not going away any time soon….

Your Full Guide To Hosting Hybrid Events

Your Full Guide To Hosting Hybrid Events

Hosting live conferences has become a complex issue with the main focus on the health and safety of attendees. Many attendees still want to attend virtual from their homes. Still, with various government regulations and social restrictions’ cancellation, many companies get permission to host live venues with a limited number of guests. Include the virtual…

How To Effectively Promote Your Events With Influencers

How to Effectively Promote Your Events With Influencers

One of the most effective ways for brands to engage with their audiences is to hold events. Given that the situation in the world is changing over time, traditional ways of holding events evolve, and new ones appear. Thus, online events have been gaining momentum for a while, though a slight shift back to offline…

We The Educators Success Story

How Civic Spirit Used Sched to Create Community

In February 2021, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, non-profit Civic Spirit hosted one of their most involved events to date: a virtual 3-week civics symposium. The symposium, called We the Educators, aimed to equip teachers with the skills to have important conversations with students about participating in their schools, their communities and their country.  To…

Hybrid Events

How Hybrid Events Will Change in 2021

Hybrid events are becoming the main type of venues these days. Surely, they have lots of benefits the standard conferences lack. In addition to improved safety, you get more tools to present your ideas to an even bigger audience. In fact, many hybrid event planners are forced to limit the number of live spectators. At…

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Keeping Virtual Events Private And Secure

Two or three years ago, you would never have imagined that hosting virtual events would be so integral in our lives. Right now they’ve become common place for hosting meetings, conferences, or even concerts. Virtual events continue to gain a foothold in our lives. It’s therefore important to gain the training and insight you’ll need…

How To Manage A Hybrid Event With A Small Team

How To Manage A Hybrid Event With A Small Team

Only a few years ago, there were a bunch of guidelines and tips on how to run live events. The in-person events usually depended on the host’s interests and preferences. With many businesses deciding to run virtual events mostly, there are still lots of benefits of live events everyone can use. In fact, the most…

Promote Your Virtual Event Using Seo

6 Ways to Promote Your Virtual Event Using SEO

For experienced Internet users, the online format of events is not a novelty. However, COVID-19 has changed the statistics tremendously, and today we observe a 1000% increase in virtual events since the pandemic. If you are planning to hold an online event and want to get most of this kind of activity, we are here…

Social Justice Week

How Jesuit High School Used Sched For Social Justice

As the cornerstone of Social Justice Week at Jesuit High School in Portland, OR, the Jesuit Day of Community & Action was a day for students and faculty/staff to engage in a “mini-conference” with a keynote address and workshops on a variety of issues related to social justice. Taking place on March 17, 2021, students,…

How Planners Can Successfully Leverage Virtual Event Studios

How Planners Can Successfully Leverage Virtual Event Studios

Virtual event studios offer the required broadcast setup for virtual events, providing a limited capacity for in-person attendance. These studios have become popular during the COVID-19 crisis that saw live events banned in many countries. As an event organizer, you may not be familiar with virtual event tech, but you have to embrace it, at…