Author: Marvin McTaw

Event Management Software Cost

How Much Does The Best Event Management Software Cost?

Summary Best event management software prices range from free to potentially millions of dollars. There are several factors that affect the price of your professional event management software platform. The variables that typically influence the price of event management software the most are the size of your event(s) (e.g. expected attendees), the overall number of…

Contingency Plan For Virtual Events

Contingency Plans For Virtual Conferences

Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan especially when it comes to virtual events. We always suggest having backup plans because in times of crisis people usually default to their level of preparation. With this in mind we share with you our top tips for virtual event contingency planning. Watch Demo Creating & Sharing A…


5 Tips For Virtual Conference Speaker Success

Check out our on-demand webinar How To Run Successful Virtual Events! Our team loves creating and producing virtual conferences, meetings and events! We have suffered from a few missteps and have learned not only from our own experiences but also from other virtual event organizers and producers. Today we bring you some of our top…

How To Run A Virtual Event

15 Tips for running an effective virtual event

Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more fully virtual events popping up. We’re honored to be part of new groundbreaking ways we can all continue to teach, connect, and inspire each other. There are some huge benefits to going remote with your event.

First and foremost, you can expand your audience to include participants from all over the world! Without the constraint of a physical location, accessibility is increased and anyone can attend. In 2018, All Day Dev Ops made it easy for its attendees around the world with links to each timezone.