• Best event management software prices range from free to potentially millions of dollars.
  • There are several factors that affect the price of your professional event management software platform. The variables that typically influence the price of event management software the most are the size of your event(s) (e.g. expected attendees), the overall number of events, the level of desired support and features and capabilities.
  • Sched’s event management software costs range from completely free with no direct costs to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Most organizations spend between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per event for Sched’s event management software solutions.
  • Sched will work with you to meet your organization’s software needs and budget constraints regardless of size.


How much does event management software cost?

What does Sched’s event management software cost?


Choosing a professional event management software platform can be a major decision for any individual or organization. Many event organizers go into the process having no idea what the final cost will be when evaluating event management software platforms.

It can be confusing evaluating event management software platforms and comparing the features, capabilities, services, and levels of support related to the actual implementation for your organization and its events.

You don’t want to make the mistake of comparing apples to oranges and choosing the wrong software solution for you or your organization.

You deserve this information since the decision of purchasing management software can not only have a major impact on your audience’s perception of your organization but also on you as a professional. You also deserve this information in order to properly prepare and budget for your upcoming events.

In this article, we’ll take you through the factors that influence the price of Sched’s event management software and event services. There isn’t a single price that will cover every event and organization. By the end of this article though, you’ll understand how event management software platforms are typically priced and how those factors determine the final cost.

You’ll be prepared to make a decision that’s right for you, your team, your organization and your attendees.

The goal of this article is to help you execute excellent corporate, virtual, online, or in-person events events by having a better understanding of the factors that influence the price of event management software. We want to make sure you’ll be acknowledged and celebrated after the event is over so with that in mind, let’s dive in.

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How Much Does The Best Event Management Software Typically Cost?

Event management software platforms range in price from free to potentially millions of dollars per year. As you will see below, there are several factors that influence the actual cost your organization may pay in both direct and indirect costs.

Factors Influencing The Price of Event Management Software Solutions

Event management software solution pricing is usually based on a number of variables including, but not limited to, the

  1. Number of expected attendees
  2. Number of events
  3. Desired features and capabilities
  4. Level of service/support
  5. Length of events
  6. Length of subscription
  7. Payment Terms
  8. Non-profit status
  9. Add-on products and services

Number of Expected Attendees

How many attendees are you expecting across your events?

Most event management software platform providers charge a higher rate for larger enterprise or corporate business events. The higher cost is because more resources are required by the vendor to help make sure your corporate business event is a success. These resources include everything from infrastructure costs to support personnel.

Typically, more company resources are required to support the corporate business event and organization the larger the number of attendees expected for your business event. This includes the allocation of fixed costs like infrastructure-oriented resources and personnel because Sched-paid personnel typically support all your event’s stakeholders.

This includes event attendees, speakers and sponsors with any issues that may arise before, during or after your event.

The Sched team often acts as a dispatch officer for your event, answering questions and solving problems when we can and directing your attendees to your team when we can’t, usually for non-software-oriented issues.

How Sched Adjusts Pricing Based On Expected Attendees

We charge a variable rate that is based on your expected number of attendees. The more attendees you have the lower this pro-rata cost will be because there are typically economies of scale that can be achieved at larger enterprise or corporate business events. We will cap these additional costs with options for unlimited attendees.

This is something handled on a case-by-case basis as every situation is different.

Pricing Slider

You can see the sliding scale costs for attendees on our marketing website for events with up to 5000 attendees.

Selecting Number Of Attendeess

Custom Quotes for Events 5000+ Attendees

We require custom quotes for larger enterprise or corporate business events because there are usually other considerations that influence the potential price. Contact our team for a customized, same-day quote if you want to know pricing for an event with more than 5000 attendees.

Attendee Fees

The pricing model for attendees is similar to the one used for cell phone minutes. Sched’s price is based on the expected number of attendees purchased in buckets of 250 attendees at a time. Each pricing package includes a certain number of attendees for free. Lower plans have fewer attendees and higher tier packages have more included attendees at no additional cost.

For example, the Launch plan includes 250 attendees and the Premium Plan includes 1000 attendees.

Post-Event Payment Options Available

If you don’t know how many attendees to expect then don’t worry! Sched’s professional event management software platform will keep track of your actual attendees and can bill you after the event is over. There is a slight benefit to paying for this in advance however knowing your expected number of attendees is not a requirement to use Sched’s event management software platform.

Number of Expected Events

How many events do you plan to use the event management software for?

Some event management software solution companies only offer subscriptions while others allow you to purchase solutions for one specific event. Single event options usually have lower upfront and ongoing costs versus subscription-based platforms. Subscription-based event management software services will usually result in lower per event costs relative to single event purchases.

Sched Offers Single Event & Multi-event Options

Sched offers purchasing options for single events, multiple events and unlimited events. The more events you use Sched’s event management software platform for, the lower your per-event costs will be.

Single Event Plans

Single Event Management Plans have the lowest upfront cost and the plan is good for one event for one year. Our single event management plans are one of the best value options available in the event management software industry according to our customers.

You can start with a single event management plan and then upgrade later to a subscription if you’re unsure on which subscription package to buy for multiple events. In these situations, our sales team can work with you to ensure you get credit for the initial single event purchase against the price of the subscription.

Plans For Multiple Events

We also offer event management software subscription plans for organizations hosting more than one event per year. These include “light” subscription options for organizations hosting only a handful (3-5) of events on Sched each year and unlimited events options for organizations planning for more than five enterprise or corporate business events.

Choosing a multiple event subscription plan usually results in the lowest per-event costs for individuals and organizations.

Features and Capabilities

What do you want the event management software to do?

One of the biggest pricing variables to consider when evaluating event management software is the suite of features and capabilities the software provides. You will generally pay more for event management software that has more capabilities.

Sched’s Event Management Software Platform Features & Pricing

Sched offers free products, standardized packages and custom/tailored packages based on your organizations needs. Our event management software pricing plans reflect the value associated with different sets of features that deliver solutions for your events.

We have tried to align these features sets such that when an organizations event creates more value, has increased complexity or we experience increased costs, the Sched package price increases to reflect some of this cost.

Levels of Service & Support

How much service and support do you want?

The more support and service you want, the higher your event management software platform costs will likely be.

Event management software providers typically offer different levels of support and service. On one extreme are 100% self-service event management software platforms where there is typically only support documentation and sometimes email support. This may or may not work well for your event.

On the other extreme are companies that will do almost everything for you from onboarding, training and the actual implementation and management of the software for your event. This might work well for organizations that are short on internal resources and require more assistance.

This could also be useful for organizations with resources that want the extra help to ensure the success of their event and/or software implementation across their organization.

Sched’s Levels of Support

Sched offers a wide range of support and services depending on what you and your organization require. We can provide as much or as little guidance and support as your organization may need.

Self-Service Options

Sched provides extensive support guides for all users to help make sure your implementation of Sched’s event management software platform for your enterprise or corporate business event is a success.

The support guides contain frequently asked questions (“FAQ’s”), step-by-step instructions, how-to videos, troubleshooting guides, and overviews to help you successfully implement and manage Sched for your event.

In-App Guides & Tutorials

We provide in-app guides and tours to help users navigate and manage sched’s products for your enterprise or corporate business events.

Onboarding & Training

We offer on-demand video training sessions called #AskSched. We also provide product demonstrations and provide different levels of onboarding assistance depending on your needs and packages.

Communication Channels

The communication channels available to users depends on your plan and/or add-ons you or your organization may choose. We provide support and assistance through phone, email, instant message/chat and video (e.g. Zoom). We do not currently offer in-person, on-site support.

Sched’s Experts

We assign Sched’s team of experts, our Customer Success Representatives (“CSR’s”), to organizations depending on the package purchased and other variables (e.g. size of event, etc.). Our CSR’s are thoroughly trained on Sched’s event management software and event management needs.

Our team’s job is to understand your definition of success and help make that vision become a reality.

Length of Event

How many days, weeks, or months are your events?

The longer your event, the higher your event management software platform will likely cost.

Most event management software solution providers charge by the length of the event because longer events usually require more resources. The increased cost can come in a variety of ways.

Forced Upgrades and/or Additional Fees

Some event management software platforms will simply create limits on the length of events between packages thereby forcing users to upgrade to a higher tier plan than they might otherwise require. Other organizations will add on additional fees and/or service charges for extended events.

What Does Sched Charge For Longer Events?

Events longer than 30 days typically incur additional fees depending on the type and length of the event.

Sched’s products and packages are primarily meant to be used for “typical” conferences, meetings, festivals and other events with defined start and end dates. An example would be a week-long training conference or a three-day music festival.

Some organizations will use a single-event Sched implementation over an extended period of time (e.g. an ongoing calendar of events, school semester class schedule, etc.). Extended events require additional resources and support relative to the typical implementation.

These additional resource requirements influence the cost of Sched’s event management software platform when used beyond the typical use case window of a few days.

Length of Subscriptions

What length of a commitment do you want to make?

The longer the commitment you are willing to make, the lower the annual cost you will usually be able to obtain.

Most event management software companies operate on a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS) basis. SaaS businesses desire to have recurring revenue in the form of a monthly or annual subscription. You will usually be able to obtain a discount by agreeing to a longer subscription period.

For example, you might be offered a meaningful discount on services by signing up for a two-year annual subscription instead of a month-to-month subscription.

Does Sched Offer Discounts For Subscriptions?

Sched offers discounts on its professional event management software platform when users make long term commitments. We also offer special pricing for non-profit and educational organizations.

We value our customer relationships, especially those organizations that choose to make multi-event and multi-year commitments with us. We encourage these commitments through the discounts and incentives offered in our multi-event and unlimited plans.

We also encourage this commitment by providing discounts to help lower the overall cost for multi-year commitments.

What Discounts Does Sched Offer For Long-Term Commitments?

The level of discount depends on the specifics of the situation and can range from a few percentage points to double-digit discounts when combined with other factors, like payment terms.

Payment Terms

How do you plan to pay for your event management software? What payment terms do you or your organization require to pay for your software?

You will likely be able to receive discounts by paying for your event management software purchase in cash and in advance.

Monthly Payments

Most event management software providers will not provide discounts when you pay month-to-month. You usually will be able to obtain standard discounts when you pay for a year in advance.

Monthly Payments, Paid In Advance

As mentioned before, most event management software providers are SaaS businesses and prefer when you make long-term commitments (e.g. 3-year contract).

Most vendors offer discounts when monthly contracts are paid annually, in advance. The typical discount for paying a monthly contract in advance is usually between 5.0 to 20.0%.

You may also see this discount in the form of an offer like, “Pay for a year and get 1/2/3 months free”, “12 Months for the price of 10 Months”. The actual discount could be higher or lower depending on the company and the specifics of the situation.

Annual Payments, Paid In Advance

Some event management software providers will also offer discounts when you pay for more than a year in advance. For example, paying for two or three years at the start of an agreement will usually create the ability to obtain a discount.

Cash Payment Discounts

Some event management software providers will also provide discounts if you pay in cash (e.g. check, wire transfer or ACH) versus paying with a credit card like Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

The primary reason for offering a discount is because cash payments eliminate credit card processing fees and typically accelerate the receipt of payment (by a few business days) for these companies.

Credit card processing fees are usually around 2 to 4% of the processed amount and can be higher once factoring in other related fees (e.g. subscription management software fees).

Funds processed via credit cards may also take a few days to clear to the vendor’s bank account.

What Discounts Does Sched Offer As It Relates To Payment Terms?

Sched typically offers discounts for annual payments made in advance and it depends on the specifics of the situation.

What Payment Terms Does Sched Offer?

Sched offers a variety of payment terms including purchase orders, credit cards, checks and wire transfers.

Non-Profit Status

Are you a non-profit or educational organization?

Some event management software companies provide discounts to non-profits and educational organizations like schools and universities.

Does Sched Offer Non-Profit Discounts?

We offer non-profits and educational organizations like Schools and Universities discounts to help ease your ability to purchase.

These standard non-profit event management software discounts are up to 40% off standard pricing and are automatically applied for certain organizations upon purchase.

Sched & Charitable/Community-Driven Organizations & Events

We also offer discounts and special offers to other charitable causes and organizations on a case-by-case basis.

Outside of Budget?

You can view our non-profit pricing and if it’s still out of budget for your organization, just contact us to see how we can work together.

Add-on Products & Services

What other products and services do you want?

Bundling services and adding on additional products and services can sometimes result in a discount for an overall proposal.

Some event management software vendors provide other event-related products and services. Sometimes those services are fulfilled directly by the vendor. In other situations, the products/services may be subcontractors or white-labeled from other vendors. Sometimes the other products and services may be provided purely through a referral type relationship.

How Much Does Sched’s Add-On Products & Services Cost?

Sched offers a variety of additional products and services aimed at helping organizations run great events. These start around $999 and may cost more or less depending on the particulars of the situation. Some examples of Add-On Products & Services are things like

  • Speaker Training
  • Event Mobile Apps
  • Priority Support
  • Virtual Event Session Hosting
  • Custom Software Development (e.g. integrations) and
  • Design services

Standard & Custom Rates

Some add-ons and services have standard rates (e.g. white-labeled native apps). Other add-ons and services will vary based on the specifics of the situation. Pricing structures can have project-based pricing (e.g. standard rates) and/or per hour fees based on the type of work involved.

Our team will work with you to make sure you have what you need to run a great virtual, online, or in-person event.

Your Budget

What pricing and/or budget constraints do you face?

Some event management software companies will work with your budget to meet your needs.

Sched & Your Budget

We offer products in service starting at free so we hope to have options available for all budgets. Talk with our team if there’s something you or your organization want for your event that seems out of your budget range. We are more than willing to work with you in order to help make your event a success.

Additional Questions

Below are some additional variables that may influence the cost of your event management software platform:

Do you charge setup fees?

Some event management software vendors charge additional fees for setup, onboarding and training.

Does Sched charge setup fees?

Sched does not usually charge setup fees for any of its products or services. The cost of setup and onboarding is reflected in the package costs available on the website.

How Much Does Sched’s Event Management Software Cost?

Sched’s products and services are used by a variety of organizations from individuals planning small, intimate gatherings to large and international organizations planning global conferences and Fortune 500 corporations with custom event software development needs.

Our pricing reflects this wide range of situations starting with our 100% free products all the way up to comprehensive, customized solutions which can be priced up to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the details of the situation.

Package Starting at ($) Included Attendees
Space 0 (free) N/A
Space Basic 99 N/A
Essentials 299*/499 250
Plus 599*/999 250
Premium 2999*/3499 1000
Custom 25,000^ Depends

*= non-profit and education organization pricing

^= minimum pricing varies based on requirements

Most organizations typically spend between a few hundred dollars to less than $10,000 a year on Sched to help solve their virtual, hybrid, or in-person event needs.

Seriously Though, How Much Does Event Management Software Actually Cost?

It really depends on what you want in your event management software platform and as you’ve seen there are a number of factors that influence the final price. We want you to be able to make better decisions when evaluating vendors. Knowing what factors affect the cost can help you to ask more informed questions and get better “apples to apples” comparisons among the options available.

At the end of the day, the only way to know the exact cost of an event management software platform is to request quotes from vendors and consider the nuances in your evaluation.

Our goal at Sched is to help you execute excellent virtual, hybrid, or in-person events.

A big part of that is education and the sharing of knowledge. Feel free to reach out to our industry experts to learn more about available options in the marketplace or to learn more about Sched. We’re here to help you choose the best event management software platform for your organization.

We’re a great fit for a lot of organizations but not always the best fit for everyone. We are happy to point you to alternative event management software solutions that could better solve your needs (and there are a lot of them out there)!

How do I get a quote from Sched for my organization?

You can also contact our team to discuss your situation and get a custom quote. Most quotes are provided the same day they are requested.

You can also view our standard pricing and non-profit pricing plans for single events. For multi-event plans simply reach out to our team to request a quote.


Sched – The Best Event Management Software Platform

Sched is an all-in-one Event Management Software Platform with all the features you need to manage your virtual, hybrid, or in-person events more efficiently. Explore our Custom Event Management Software pricing options and find the best plan that is right for you.


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