Registration & Attendance Management

Flexible options to manage event and session registration and track attendance.

Manage Event Registration

Sched’s event registration and management software has flexible options to manage sign-ups for your event, including different event privacy settings, customizable attendee registration form, paid registration (via Stripe), Google & Facebook single sign-on, domain whitelisting, spreadsheet upload, Eventbrite integration and an open API.


Manage Session Registration

Collect sign up for sessions, with the option to set capacities, enable waitlists, prevent double-booking and freeze attendee schedules. Use Sched’s event scheduling software to manage any event with ease.

insightful attendance management

Tracking Attendance

Track who showed up for event sessions either by checking attendees into sessions using the Check-In App, or allow attendees to check-in themselves into sessions using Attendee Self-Check-In. Download event reports showing exactly who showed up, for which sessions, and when they actually arrived.

insightful attendance management

Eventbrite Integration

If you use Eventbrite for event registration you can use our integration to automatically bring your attendees into your Sched event immediately after registering on Eventbrite. Also set ticket rules if you want to limit what sessions in Sched an attendee can register for / access based on their ticket purchased.

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Print schedules in one click

Have printed personal event schedules ready for attendees when they show up or print extra copies to hand out as needed.

insightful attendance management

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I still need to use Eventbrite?
    No. Sched now performs most of what EventBrite has historically done in support of Sched events. While there may still be very specific circumstances that require all the functionality of EventBrite, most Sched customers will see an advantage in using Sched’s in-app registration tools.
  • Do registration features cost extra?
    No. All registration management and attendee management features are included with Sched’s base price. For events with fees, Sched charges a small percentage, similar to other services, to cover costs associated with managing the ticketing service.
  • Do I need to download anything new?
    No. Sched has partnered with Stripe, one of the industry’s leading e-payment services, and has fully integrated that service into Sched’s platform. Your event attendees with register using a familiar interface within the Sched event, conference, and festival environment.
  • Why should I use Sched instead of other event payment platforms?
    Sched has fully integrated the registration process into its platform making it easy to attract, engage and convert potential attendees all within the same environment. This approach also simplifies the technology stack, shortens the time frame to collecting funds and gives event organizers more control over how tickets are packaged and promoted.
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