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Event Planning Checklist

Organizing events is a difficult task. Keeping track of all the small details can be challenging with so many moving parts. There’s a lot to consider, from selecting a venue and speakers to sending out thank you notes and doing a post-event debrief. If you’re preparing an event without a written checklist or roadmap, you’re…

Event Management Software Cost

How Much Does The Best Event Management Software Cost?

Summary Best event management software prices range from free to potentially millions of dollars. There are several factors that affect the price of your professional event management software platform. The variables that typically influence the price of event management software the most are the size of your event(s) (e.g. expected attendees), the overall number of…

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What Can IoT Technology Do for Event Planners?

Event planning has been undergoing something of an evolution as of late. This has largely been a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, out of the necessity to explore hybrid and remote options, many planners have found technology is not just a stop-gap but a route to new opportunities. Whether in hybrid or in-person spaces,…

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5 Valuable Roles Of A Tech Moderator For Hybrid Events

When organizing an event where there are both face-to-face and virtual interactions, it’s easy to forget about its dual nature. On one hand, you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly in person. On the other hand, you need to keep a close eye on the virtual sessions and experiences. This is why having a…

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Increasing Remote and Hybrid Event Engagement

Keeping guests engaged was challenging even before the events industry had to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your ability to enable guests’ enjoyment of the event and ensure they or their company representatives come back year after year is essential to the longevity of any conference. The switch to remote operations has meant that organizers…


How To Start A Career In Event Planner In College

Even as a student at school, you may find that you enjoy organizing and planning events. If this is the case, then event planning is a potential niche for your career path. Indeed, event planning can actually be extremely fun as long as you truly enjoy what you are doing. On the other hand, planning…

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How to Manage Events on Digital Platforms

Virtual events, often known as online events, are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Technology has advanced to the point that businesses, individuals, and organizations can now host virtual events that even compete with real events. Learn how to host entertaining and engaging events that will keep your audience want more. What are virtual events?…

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Increasing Productivity and Overcoming Challenges for Event Organizers

Event management requires many different qualities, skills, and knowledge. People attending your event may not even realize there is either one event organizer, or a team who coordinates the event, and what they all really do. Being an event manager can seem overwhelming, but if you keep yourself organized, aware, and are able to build…

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How to Stay Productive During Distance Learning

For over a year now the world has been getting familiar with changes to people’s daily lives, which all of us had to endure because of the pandemic. These changes seeped into all spheres of human activity, including education. In 2021 most learning is done online, so both students and teachers had to adjust to…

Event Planner Vs Event Coordinator

Event Planner Coordinator vs. Event Planner: Key Differences

Introduction To say that organizing an event requires a lot of effort would be an understatement. The amount of work put into planning, launching, and coordinating an event is gargantuan and requires a specific set of skills not many people have. Without adequate knowledge, it’s impossible to keep up in this vibrant and complicated industry….