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The educator’s event planning checklist 

Summary Jumpstart Your Event Planning: Unlock the potential of seamless event planning with a checklist tailored for educators, ensuring a stress-free path to successful professional development events. Empower Your Events: Beyond a mere checklist, immerse yourself in a journey that equips you with tools, strategies, and innovative ideas, turning every step from goal-setting to post-event…

Event Management Software Cost

How Much Does The Best Event Management Software Cost?

Summary Best event management software prices range from free to potentially millions of dollars. There are several factors that affect the price of your professional event management software platform. The variables that typically influence the price of event management software the most are the size of your event(s) (e.g. expected attendees), the overall number of…

Event Planner Vs Event Coordinator

Event Planner Coordinator vs. Event Planner: Key Differences

Introduction To say that organizing an event requires a lot of effort would be an understatement. The amount of work put into planning, launching, and coordinating an event is gargantuan and requires a specific set of skills not many people have. Without adequate knowledge, it’s impossible to keep up in this vibrant and complicated industry….

How To Effectively Promote Your Events With Influencers

How to Effectively Promote Your Events With Influencers

One of the most effective ways for brands to engage with their audiences is to hold events. Given that the situation in the world is changing over time, traditional ways of holding events evolve, and new ones appear. Thus, online events have been gaining momentum for a while, though a slight shift back to offline…

We The Educators Success Story

How Civic Spirit Used Sched to Create Community

In February 2021, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, non-profit Civic Spirit hosted one of their most involved events to date: a virtual 3-week civics symposium. The symposium, called We the Educators, aimed to equip teachers with the skills to have important conversations with students about participating in their schools, their communities and their country.  To…

Promote Your Virtual Event Using Seo

6 Ways to Promote Your Virtual Event Using SEO

For experienced Internet users, the online format of events is not a novelty. However, COVID-19 has changed the statistics tremendously, and today we observe a 1000% increase in virtual events since the pandemic. If you are planning to hold an online event and want to get most of this kind of activity, we are here…

Social Justice Week

How Jesuit High School Used Sched For Social Justice

As the cornerstone of Social Justice Week at Jesuit High School in Portland, OR, the Jesuit Day of Community & Action was a day for students and faculty/staff to engage in a “mini-conference” with a keynote address and workshops on a variety of issues related to social justice. Taking place on March 17, 2021, students,…


Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Next Hybrid Event

Planning a hybrid event requires more hard work and attention to detail as the organizers need to cater to different audiences’ sets. There are several aspects that event organizers need to keep a check to ensure the best output. If you also plan to host a hybrid event in the upcoming time, we have got…

Stemxyouth Summit

How STEMxYouth Summit Doubled Attendance Of The Student-Run Event

About STEMxYouth Summit The STEMxYouth Summit, a student-planned and student-run all day conference, sponsored by the Student Technology Leadership Team at Marymount School of New York. The summit brings thought leaders, trailblazers, pathfinders, influencers, growth hackers, students and educators together to discuss the next generation of STEMx. The STEMxYouth Summit started seven years ago as…


6 Ways to Promote Events on Social Media

2020 has seen many shifts in marketing strategies, most notably the move to virtual events. This has shifted digital marketing efforts from the promotion of physical event attendance to online webinars, participation in online industry events, and other virtual seminars or meetups. It is important to quickly adapt to the changing landscape in many industries…

Top Podcasts For Event Organizers

Top 8 Podcasts for Event Organizers

The world of event management has been abuzz since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Not that the event industry has ever seen a dull day, but these unprecedented times have ushered in the need for innovative solutions and ideas. And many have turned to podcasts seeking expertise and inspiration. Podcasts for event organizers? Don’t…