Planning and running an event is stressful. However, a reliable event registration tool can help. But with so many on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

Sched and EventMobi are two of the biggest names on the market. We will discover whether Sched is a viable alternative to EventMobi by comparing both products. We’ll also assess the all-important EventMobi pricing to see how it stacks up to Sched.

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Sched vs EventMobi – An overview of features

Sched’s system is perfect for planning and managing events of any size. It’s very intuitive. This means first-time organizers should have no problem navigating its features. All aspects of the event planning process are covered. Meanwhile Sched works equally well for hybrid, in-person, and virtual events. This means it is one of the strongest EventMobi alternatives.

EventMobi’s product is equally versatile. It is good when it comes to attendee engagement. This is because it offers gamification and polling features.

Here is how the two companies compare.

Sched’s primary features

Sched’s key features include:

  • Scheduling: Sched’s scheduling tool is easily accessible on both web and mobile. Multiple tracks and days are covered depending on the complexity of your event.
  • Managing attendees: Sched’s attendee management tool is ideal for tracking registrations, sign-ins, and attendance. Event popularity can also be monitored, with real time feedback. This allows event planners to alter schedules and locations as and when required.
  • Mobile app: Sched’s mobile event app is fully customizable. This means you can create a bespoke product to suit your event. It is also intuitive and easily accessible on the conference floor. This makes it a perfect solution to boost your brand and engagement.

See Sched’s best features demonstrated in a handy seven-minute demo.

EventMobi’s primary features

  • Good attendee engagement with gamification, live surveys, and polls. This ties in with networking and appointment booking options.
  • Strong event marketing offering, including website, registration, and social media.
  • Bespoke options for in-person and online events. The former has things like badge printing services. The latter has live streaming and video production.
  • CMS with comprehensive analytics, integration with third-party systems, and a focus on security.
Eventmobi Event App
Eventmobi event app via Eventmobi

Sched vs EventMobi – Pricing comparison

Price is always an important consideration when choosing any product or service. Event management software is no different. The Sched and EventMobi pricing models vary, so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you.

Sched’s Pricing:

Sched’s pricing plans give you the freedom to plan more, for less. Every plan includes unlimited events and free small events for up to 50 attendees. 

Sched’s pricing starts from:

  • Launch: $600
  • Boost: $1,500
  • Ultra: $5,000

Inviting more attendees? Only pay for what you need; Sched lets you tailor your plan with attendee bundles.

Sched also offers generous discounts for specific organizations:

You may also be eligible for a discount if you already use event management software. Save up to 20% with Sched’s switching discount

This could be a cost-effective option, making it one of the best EventMobi alternatives.

EventMobi’s Pricing:

EventMobi’s pricing is flexible and dependent on the size and type of event. The company also charges per event or through a subscription model. As you can choose a package deal or an a la carte option, EventMobi invites you to complete a form on the website. This will help the company tailor its offerings to your needs.

EventMobi does have basic starting prices on its website. These are:

  • Registration, Website & Ticketing Platform: Starting at $2,500 per event or $7,500 per year for unlimited usage.
  • Event App and Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform: Starting at $3,500 per event or $1,458 per event with a Multi-Event Annual Subscription.

Sched vs EventMobi – Pros and Cons

Sched and EventMobi offer event management software for hybrid, in-person, and virtual events. 

Sched’s pros:

    • Sched’s platform is easy to use. It is ideal for people with no technical background. The same is true for more inexperienced event organizers.
    • The mobile app is intuitive, making it indispensable on the conference floor
    • Sched’s reporting tools are comprehensive, with several formats available on request. Data synchronization is also smooth. 
  • Batch import options are hassle-free. 
  • Sched allows you to assess its product for free through a Free Demo, Live Webinar, and Live Trial.
  • Payments are simple, with no subscription model and a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Non-profit and educational organizations are eligible for generous discounts.
  • The most popular social media sites are integrated with the Sched platform.


Why Do Event Planners Love Sched? from Sched Support on Vimeo.

Sched’s cons:

  • Networking features are poor
  • Exhibitor management features are limited
  • English is the only language currently supported

EventMobi’s pros:

  • Comprehensive offering for hybrid, in-person, and online events. There are plenty of case studies to guide potential customers.
  • Gamification, Live Polls, and Surveys to increase attendee interest and engagement
  • Strong social media analytics, allowing you to discern the reach of your event.
  • Integrates with a wide range of third-party systems.
  • EventMobi’s Lead Capture App allows leads to be easily retrieved. This cuts the need for clunky business cards.
  • Live Streaming and Video production are available for online and hybrid events. There are multi-lingual options too.

EventMobi’s cons:

  • Prices are not clear or straightforward, with the need to speak to a salesperson before getting started.
  • Importing and exporting data is tricky and confusing.
  • User experience is poor, with the website being outdated.
  • A Free Trial is not available, but there is a Free Demo and Product Tour.

Sched vs EventMobi – Case Studies

A Sched case study

The Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival had to be flexible during the pandemic.

The Festival has been going since 2013. The organizers considered canceling before opting to try Sched’s virtual platform instead. The performance structure was adapted accordingly. Meanwhile, they switched to a donation-based payment system.

The result was a wider audience for their festival and greater equity for performers. 

Sched Vs Eventmobi
Sched vs eventmobi via Sched

EventMobi case studies

EventMobi hosts a range of videos on their website detailing specific case studies. These include in-person event examples, virtual event examples, and hybrid event examples.

Sched vs EventMobi – User Reviews

User reviews provide a valuable guide to the quality and efficacy of a product. This is because they detail people’s direct experiences as tested in the field. Here are some reviews we have found for Sched and EventMobi’s event app software.

Sched’s reviews

“We were blown away by how easy Sched was to use, how available the support was to answer questions, and how great the schedule looked and functioned. I love the print signage, batch upload, and quick edits for last-minute changes. Having that flexibility has been more important than ever.”

Becca Philipsen, Planning Committee at Colorado Teen Literature Conference

“Sched made our conference a smooth and interactive experience. As a student-led conference, it was important that the set-up be accessible, clear, and user friendly and it couldn’t have gone better. The support team was also amazing at Sched, thank you!”

Dr. Michael Johnston, Assistant Head of School at Frankfurt International School



EventMobi’s reviews

“I opted to have the app concierge and on-site service, both of which I highly recommend. The team helped me optimize EventMobi for my specific needs. They were extremely patient, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. They were wonderful in helping me prepare the day of.”

Samantha Harflett, Precima

“This was our first attempt at having an app for our annual customer meeting. Throughout the process, EventMobi’s customer support was very responsive and helped with any questions I had. I would definitely recommend them and will use them again in the future.”

Tina Seibold, Auer Steel & Heating Supply Co Inc.


Sched and the EventMobi event app have so much to offer. Both companies have cutting-edge and highly-rated event management software. Both companies also have many happy customers.

Sched specializes in the non-profit and education sectors. If you work in these fields, this makes it a particularly good alternative to EventMobi. Of course, the Sched and EventMobi pricing is also worth considering.

To choose the product that’s right for you though, you must assess your own needs thoroughly. Sched is happy to answer any queries you may have – just contact us through the Contact Us page. You may also be interested in our free trial sign-up, which should answer many of your questions.


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