Traditionally, Sponsors and Exhibitors of conferences and events would receive Return on Investment (ROI) mostly through physical space at an event, such as having a banner or poster at the venue. Sched has always provided the opportunity for a virtual exhibit hall online, which really shines at this time. With many events going virtual to prevent spreading COVID-19, we’ve highlighted how to best encourage ROI online.

Thank Sponsors On Your Sched Event Page

Eliminate the need for physical banners by showcasing Sponsor and Exhibitors in the web header, web footer, and mobile banner. Don’t forget to show them on your website when you embed Sched too. You can do this even months before the event.

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Nothing Better Than A Kind Word

You can thank them during your virtual conference opening and closing remarks at the bare minimum, or consistently at the beginning and/or end of individual sessions. Saying something is easy and so is adding a slide to your presentation if you want to be more visual.

Directory (Your Virtual Exhibition Hall)

While attendees no longer need to physically travel to your event, they can browse your online Exhibitor and Sponsor directories from the comfort of their own home.

Maximize virtual ROI by encouraging them to make their Sched profiles more robust. Adding their social media contact information and newsletter sign-up info is a necessity so attendees can follow them online. Sponsors and Exhibitors that add special offers, promotions, coupons, raffles, and giveaways boost their profiles, as well as make your event additionally special for your attendees.

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Send Emails (Detailed Or Brief Mentions)

Links to show a product video or photos can peak attendees’ interest. This is also an excellent space to special offers or promotions for your event from your Sponsors and Exhibitors.

Physical Distancing Doesn’t Mean Sponsors Can’t Be Social With Your Attendees

Use Slack or community boards for additional engagement and attendee interaction.

Agenda Sessions And Virtual Panels

Have Speakers and Exhibitors run their own agenda sessions and virtual panels at your event, in addition to your already great content. They can easily answer questions during sessions, just like they would previously in face-to-face events.

Note: We highly encourage you to train your Speakers, Moderators, and Volunteers at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. And, make sure that info is fresh in their brains with a dry-run within a week of their session.

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Author: Stacy Austin

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