I may work in tech and I might be the technical writer here at Sched but I don’t always understand how something is made possible on our event management software. When the developer team announced that the awesome event organizers on Sched can now use Emojis in most fields across the platform, our Slack chat went wild with enthusiasm.

With the improvement live, it was time to announce this exciting update. I quickly realized I didn’t even know how it was implemented. That’s when I had to educate myself on Unicode! For the average person out there, this is a computing standard used for handling the symbols that express most of the world’s writing systems. I was immediately impressed and inspired by the things made possible with technology. One incredible organization, Unicode Consortium, has made it their purpose and mission to create something that unites people worldwide! Something that works for everyone. Emojis have ended up being a language for everyone too. They were first given Unicode presentation status in 2010 and new characters are added every year.

While we can’t get around to building and shipping every feature request, we definitely take them to heart and even keep track so we can follow up later. We were super happy to share this news with Dan Kohn (a Sched user for the last 5 years!) who had requested 2 years before. Send us your feedback or top feature requests anytime!

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Author: Rachel Drudi

As an event producer and creative collaborator, with a focus on community relations and a passion for design thinking, Rachel helps create and manage experiences on and offline; working at the intersection between ideation and execution. Rachel is here to help you set your business and event apart by focusing on the way your customers, clients, and community interact and engage with you. She especially loves working with companies that are just getting started.