7 Marketing initiatives to sell out your event

Why is event marketing important?

It’s not always easy to find your attendees and get them interested in your event. You’ve already dedicated a lot of time and resources to creating engaging programming and lining up the best speakers, but that doesn’t mean registrations will be flooding in. There are so many significant events out there and amazing platforms that have made it easier to launch an event.

What’s possible

Despite this, many conferences, conventions, meetings and festivals know exactly how to reach their attendees and sellout their event capacities. How do some organizations become a viral success right off the bat? These events have clear, eye-catching marketing that reaches their exact target attendees. This doesn’t just happen by accident. The most successful organizations spend time thinking about who their attendees are and how they can let them know about their awesome experience.

What you’ll learn

Start answering key questions to create your marketing plan and strategy to sellout your event. Through this worksheet you’ll discover:

  1. Who your target attendees are
  2. Where to find them
  3. Your message
  4. How to message to your target attendees
  5. How to create an unforgettable experience
  6. How to keep your attendees coming back