Conference attendees want online access to all event materials after the event. Sched, an event scheduling software app that has hosted over 25,000 events, conducted a survey with attendees across the many conferences hosted on the platform to ask them about their experiences and advice.

“In November 2022 we heard from over 500 conference attendees and 74% of them value full online access to event materials after the conclusion of the event, “ said Greg Harris, Sched Vice President of Marketing.

When asked more about making content available after the conference 39% said that it wasn’t just valuable but very valuable.

The benefits of post-event content access

“With so many sessions to choose from, I feel like I’m missing out and when I pick a session that isn’t great, I keep thinking about what I missed in other sessions,” said one respondent. 

“Recording every session and making them available after the event would be great,” said another.

Others noted that post-event content online made in-session note-taking less critical, made it easier to share concepts with others after the conference and overall increased the value of the conference.

The preferred format of post-event content

  • 83% of conference participants said they prefer digital handouts.
  • Just 17% have a first preference for paper handouts.

About Sched

Sched was founded in 2008 and has hosted over 10 million attendees on Sched’s event management app. Sched surveys event attendees on a monthly basis in order to help guide event planners on delivering great events.