Synchronized Registration and Schedule Management with TicketSocket and SCHED | 🚨 New Integration


May 20, 2020

Sched is committed to helping you create raving fans for your organization through events. One way organizations can do this is by simplifying their registration systems. Consistent with these goals, we’re proud to announce a new and exciting integration with TicketSocket, a simple and powerful platform for ticketing and registration solutions.

Synchronize & Automate Registration Rules

The TicketSocket integration will allow you to automatically sync your attendees into Sched after they register or purchase a ticket on TicketSocket. Creating a completely seamless online experience for your participants and more control so you can create tracks and tiers for your sessions and ticket types. Tracks and tiers make it possible to segment your audience and ensure every attendee is getting a customized experience for just them.

“It’s all about putting control back in the hands of event organizers…”

Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket

You Control Your Event

Event organizers should control the entire event experience from beginning to end. Our partners in TicketSocket agree. “It’s all about putting control back in the hands of event organizers…the TicketSocket and Sched integration does just that. With Ticket Rules in place, you can even control which tracks someone can add to their personal agendas within the app…” said Mark Miller, CEO of TicketSocket.

Increased Registration Integrations

The integration with Ticket Socket expands on our registration provider integration capabilities. We’re proud to give you more options empowering you with full control over your event business. Now more than ever, having control over your brand, customer data, technology, and money is vital to thriving through this pandemic.

Contact us to learn more and check out the integration.

About TicketSocket

TicketSocket is a powerful, white-label ticketing and registration platform. It gives you total control of the experience you create for your attendees, without the time and cost of building a completely custom solution. TicketSocket prioritizes your ownership of your funds, data, brand, and functionality. The company’s proprietary plug-in framework, white label tools, and open APIs pioneer a new level of interactivity and customization for event promoters, venues, developers, and other ticketing companies. For more information visit

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