Personalized Attendee Experience

Build excitement and increase engagement before your event. Sched will help your attendees stay organized and get the most out of their experience.

Import and invite participants to your event

Quickly add and invite your attendees using the spreadsheet template. Send personal invites right away or whenever you're ready to launch.

personalized atendee experence

Custom agendas

Let your attendees browse the schedule and bookmark their favorite sessions ahead of time.

personalized atendee experence

Personalized attendee profiles

Make networking easy with a full attendee directory. Attendees can add a photo, bio, and connect their social media profiles.

personalized atendee experence

Attendee Networking

Sched can help your event participants connect and network with 1-on-1 and group chat / messaging, a searchable directory of attendee profiles, hosting networking focused sessions and by providing access to your event Twitter feed.

personalized atendee experence

Calendar sync

Attendees can sync their agenda with Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple iCal. Schedule changes will sync automatically, giving them the latest information right where they want it.

personalized atendee experence

Daily schedule emails

Attendees receive an email with their schedule each morning of the event. It includes quick links to view the full schedule, sync to their calendar, and print.

personalized atendee experence

Email participants right from your control panel

Whether you’re blasting out a reminder to all attendees, announcing a venue change to a specific group, or sending out a post-event survey, you can do it all right from your control panel.

personalized atendee experence

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