Integration with TicketSocket

How TicketSocket + Sched Makes Your Events Even Better

  1. Increase ticket sales by removing complexity

    Stop offering 20, 30, 40 ticket types. Sell a ticket package (like “3 workshops” or “VIP Pass”) and let attendees schedule their experience after purchasing. Organizers can control exactly what an attendee can sign up for based on which ticket they have.

  2. Increase social sharing by giving attendees something personal

    After registering on TicketSocket, attendees are given an attendee profile on Sched to create their schedule, fill out their profile and see what their friends are attending. Attendees love sharing their personal schedule and events typically gain a +251% viral lift in traffic.

  3. Increase exposure for your key sponsors and speakers

    Keeps tabs on and control how many attendees can register for each unique session during your event. Update your session capacities anytime to drive attendees to specific events and ensure sponsor exposure throughout and full attendance in each venue.

Most Loved Features

  • Website Integration
    Increase engagement and let attendees create their schedule on your website, then access it in your mobile app.
  • Native Apps for Events
    White-labelled and built for iOS/Android so that attendees download your own branded event app, not a “Sched” app.
  • Reservations
    Let attendees reserve seats with limited capacities + automatic waitlisting.
  • Multi-Session Check-in App
    Sched is used inside the venue for multi-session check-in and reporting.

Who Is It For?

Good Fit

  • Events with multiple tracks, where it’s helpful or required for attendees to do pre-event planning.
  • Events with day-by-day tickets, like Saturday Ticket, Sunday Ticket, Sat+Sunday Ticket, etc.
  • Events with ticket packages, like 1 ticket gets you 1 workshop, 2 parties, & 3 keynotes.


Bad Fit

  • Single session events where attendees only attend one talk, presentation or performance.

How It Works For Your Attendees

1. Purchase Tickets

Attendees register for your event by selecting tickets
and purchasing on TicketSocket.

TicketSocket Demo

2. Instant Sched Access

After the purchase is completed, the attendee is instantly sent an email confirmation with a link to log into Sched.

Email Invite

3. Create A Schedule

Attendees create a schedule based on their ticket.
And it all stays in-sync on their phone and calendar.

ticket sync schedule

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