Virtual Event Hosts
Recent co-hosts from a webinar event

How To Leverage Hosts & Co-Hosts To Make Your Virtual Event A Success

It’s very important to leverage co-hosts that are not the Speaker for any virtual event you’re running. Hosts can help keep your Speakers organized, on schedule, notified of any problems/issues, respond to the audience in a more timely manner and provide a whole host of other benefits for all the event and session stakeholders.

Extra Eyes, Ears & Hands

For example, there was a brief period where the Speaker’s microphone went out for a short while during one of our webinars. The co-host was able to chime in at an appropriate time and notify the Speaker about the issue. This allowed the Speaker to seamlessly and easily re-state what was previously missed during the brief audio outage. The Speaker would have possibly never known about this problem had he or she been doing the session alone and the attendees could have missed out on the vital information conveyed in those few brief seconds.

More Audience Questions Answered

Another benefit of having co-hosts for your virtual event is the co-hosts’ ability to respond to questions your Speakers might not have otherwise been able to get to. Our last webinar had dozens of interesting and amazing questions. There was no way in the short webinar that the Speaker would have been able to answer these questions in a timely manner. Our co-hosts were however able to get to many more of these questions with the limited time helping to get the attendees answered questions. This helps increase the level of engagement attendees might feel in a virtual environment.

Create Novelty 

Lastly, another benefit of co-hosts is that they allow for more variety and help longer sessions to feel shorter. For example, we incorporated co-hosts into our webinars to field questions that were then posed to the Speaker. 

Technical Assistance

Co-hosts could also be used to launch polls, lead breakout sessions, address technical issues with attendees, respond to chat room questions, etc. Make sure you spend time to train your hosts so that they know the most common situations they may encounter and how best to handle it. 


Our co-hosts help make our virtual events great! We encourage every virtual event organizer to use hosts (and co-hosts with specific functions) for each of their sessions to help manage each session. They will make your Speakers and Panelists more effective and create a more engaging experience for your audience.

How To Run Successful Virtual Events

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