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How to Manage Events on Digital Platforms

Virtual events, often known as online events, are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Technology has advanced to the point that businesses, individuals, and organizations can now host virtual events that even compete with real events. Learn how to host entertaining and engaging events that will keep your audience want more. What are virtual events?…

Event Planner vs Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator vs. Event Planner: Key Differences

The COVID pandemic has influenced many industries, and its disruptive impact was especially strong in the event industry. As of March 2020, the event industry had lost over $14 billion. The quarantine forced event planners to quickly adapt to the new reality, rethinking their entire business models, as well as technological solutions, content delivery, and…

How to Effectively Promote Your Events With Influencers

How to Effectively Promote Your Events With Influencers

One of the effective ways for brands to engage with their audiences is to hold events. Given that the situation in the world is changing over time, classic events transform and new ones appear. Thus, online events have been gaining momentum for a while, though a slight shift back to offline meetings is also noticeable….

Promote Your Virtual Event Using SEO

6 Ways to Promote Your Virtual Event Using SEO

For experienced Internet users, the online format of events is not a novelty. However, COVID-19 has changed the statistics tremendously, and today we observe a 1000% increase in virtual events since the pandemic. If you are planning to hold an online event and want to get most of this kind of activity, we are here…

5 Ways to Promote Events on Social Media

5 Ways to Promote Events on Social Media

2020 has seen many shifts in marketing strategies, most notably the move to virtual events. This has shifted digital marketing efforts from promotion of physical event attendance to online webinars, participation in online industry events, and other virtual seminars or meetups. It is important to quickly adapt to the changing landscape in many industries and…

TicketSocket Integration

5 Ways Sched and TicketSocket Can Increase Event Sales

The challenges seen by the event industry over the past year have been tremendous. The creativity that’s come out of this obstacle has been inspiring to say the least. ‌ At Sched, we’ve remained committed to the amazing event organizers, working to create engaging solutions for every challenge COVID-19 presented. To continue to build an…

Feature Your Sponsors During Virtual Events

6 Creative Ways To Feature Your Sponsors During Virtual Events

Do you remember the last time you attended a conference or a convention? The pandemic situation has made our entire world virtual, from our daily meetings and office interactions to video calls with extended family members or friends, it is all online. Organizations of all sizes and types have taken their conferences and events online…

Critical Event Marketing Strategies

4 Critical Event Marketing Strategies

You know the ins and outs of what’s needed to make your event successful. Even with that knowledge, marketing events and growing audiences can still be a major pain point within event organization. During a recent webinar, serial entrepreneur Allan Dib shared some helpful tips we think everyone should keep in mind when considering marketing…

How To Market Your Virtual Event

Webinar: How To Market Your Virtual Event – With Allan Dib

What is your marketing strategy to maximize attendance and sell out your virtual conferences and events? How will you ensure that your current audience will attend future virtual meetings and events? How do you accurately price tickets and get registrations for your virtual events? The events industry is coping up with drastic changes caused by…

Engage Remote Audiences

9 Ways To Engage Your Remote Audience

While it’s tempting to get it all done in a day, we discourage making a virtual event 8 hours long. It’s best to host events for shorter periods over multiple days, for the best experience of your team, speakers, and attendees. This is your time to be innovative and creative. Using Sched for your virtual…

Remote Team

Working Remotely with SCHED [Video]

When the one criteria for programming is that it makes you laugh, you know it’s going to be a good time. The team behind SF Sketchfest works remotely from locations all over the US up until their event. See how they pull off the beloved comedy event that takes over San Francisco every January.  We…