Most Loved Features

  • Personal Agendas
    Attendees create a schedule, share online and see what their friends are attending.
  • Reservations
    Let attendees reserve seats with limited capacities + automatic waitlisting.
  • Multi-Session Check-in App
    Eventbrite‘s Organizer App runs front-of-house and then Sched is used inside the venue for multi-session check-in and reporting.
  • Website Integration
    Increase engagement and let attendees create their schedule on your website, then access it in your mobile app.
  • Native Apps for Events
    White-labelled and built for iOS/Android so that attendees download your own branded event app, not a “Sched” app.

Who Should Use Sched?

Good Fit

  • Events with multiple tracks, where it’s helpful or required for attendees to do pre-event planning.
  • Events with day-by-day tickets, like Saturday Ticket, Sunday Ticket, Sat+Sunday Ticket, etc.
  • Events with ticket packages, like 1 ticket gets you 1 workshop, 2 parties, & 3 keynotes.


Bad Fit

  • Single session events where attendees only attend one talk, presentation or performance.
  • Repetitive events like classes that are held every week, all year long.

Organizers depend on Sched's unique Eventbrite Integration to run successful events.

Startup Week
Stylist Live

How Sched Makes Eventbrite Even Better

  1. Increase ticket sales by removing complexity

    Stop offering 20, 30, 40 ticket types. Sell a ticket package (like “3 workshops” or “VIP Pass”) and let attendees schedule their experience after purchasing. Organizers can control exactly what an attendee can sign up for based on which Eventbrite ticket they have.

  2. Increase social sharing by giving attendees something personal

    After purchasing on Eventbrite, attendees are given an attendee profile on Sched to create their schedule, fill out their profile and see what their friends are attending. Attendees love sharing their personal schedule and events typically gain a +251% viral lift in traffic.

  3. Enables multi-session check-in using your Eventbrite ticket

    Use the Eventbrite Organizer app to run front-of-house check-in + walk-up registration. Then use the Sched Check-in app to manage session-by-session attendance. Sched’s app can scan their Eventbrite ticket and verify that they’ve reserved a seat in that session — or add them as a walkup for comprehensive stats post-event.

“The Eventbrite ticket integration is what separates Sched from all of the competition.
Without this integration, our schedule simply couldn’t operate. It’s essential for how we run Techweek.”

Brad Schnitzer

Real Life Use Cases

Wanderlust Festivals

50+ Annual Yoga Festivals • Customer Since 2013

Wanderlust sells 4-day, 3-day and single-day tickets on Eventbrite. They use Sched to give ticket-holders access to reserve 3 yoga workouts per day, 1 lecture per day and unlimited music shows. Classes taught by the most popular yoga teachers fill up fast. Sched helps accelerate ticket sales by letting attendees reserve a seat for the classes they are most excited about.

Wanderlust staff use Eventbrite’s Organizer app to run front-of-house check-in and sell walk-up tickets. They use Sched’s Check-in app to manage attendance for each class. Scanning an Eventbrite ticket or code lets Wanderlust know if someone is registered for a class or on the waitlist.

NewCo Festivals

15+ Annual Tech Conferences • Customer Since 2014

Sched gives NewCo the flexibility to customize what their tickets include in each market. VIP Passes include unlimited sessions + VIP networking parties, while Starter Passes get a limited amount of sessions. If an attendee decides they want a better ticket, they can upgrade on Eventbrite and instantly reserve that content on Sched.

NewCo organizes 15+ festivals across the globe each year. They use Sched’s multi-event Native Apps to offer a single NewCo branded iPhone and Android app to attendees. Upon launch, attendees can choose the city they are attending and explore the agenda, speakers and their personal schedule.

Stylist Live

Annual Fashion & Design Festival • Customer Since 2016

Stylist Live offers a shopping exhibition, lectures, and fashion shows for their 15,000+ attendees. Each day-specific ticket (Ex: “Friday ticket”) lets attendees use Sched to reserve a seat in 1 workshop, 1 fashion show, and 1 lecture. Sched’s ticket rules ensure the ticketholder can only reserve seats for the day they had purchased.

Stylist staff uses Sched’s Check-in App across many tablets and mobile devices. They quickly scan an attendee’s Eventbrite ticket to check them in to their lecture or workshop. Once all reserved attendees were checked-in, they scan attendees in the standby line and add them to the attendance list.

They use check-in data after the event to understand user behavior. How often do attendees show up for their reservations? Was there content VIP’s were more likely to attend? These reports help them analyze their ticket packages and attrition rates to maximize attendance and revenue.

How It Works For Your Attendees

1. Purchase Tickets

Attendees register for your event by selecting tickets
and purchasing on Eventbrite.

ticket sync purchase

2. Instant Schedule Access

After the purchase is completed, the attendee is instantly logged-in to their new Sched account.

ticket sync loggedin

3. Create A Schedule

Attendees create a schedule based on their ticket.
And it all stays in-sync on their phone and calendar.

ticket sync schedule

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