Author: Stacy Austin

Event Feedback

Gathering, Responding To & Implementing Event Feedback

Introduction You can drastically improve your future events by simply taking in what the audience has to say about your current one. Receiving and responding to ​event feedback​, using a ​feedback form, for example, is an important step towards growth and towards learning about the audience’s experience. Positively receiving and reviewing your feedback over the…

Avoid Zoom Fatigue

Simple Measures To Avoid Zoom Fatigue

2020 may be remembered as the year the world faced its biggest crisis, but also as the year that brought in several new trends. Today, more people are working from home and attending virtual events​ than ever before. This has created great opportunities as online video conferences​ enable organizations to target diverse groups without worrying…

Remote Teaching Tips And Strategies For Educators

8 Remote Teaching Tips And Strategies For Educators

Building a meaningful online learning environment can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned instructors. The biggest challenge that they face is learning how to use technology effectively to deliver content and evaluate students’ mastery of content without much guidance. In this article, we are sharing some important work from home tips for educators to…

Feature Your Sponsors During Virtual Events

6 Creative Ways To Feature Your Sponsors During Virtual Events

Do you remember the last time you attended a conference or a convention? The pandemic situation has made our entire world virtual, from our daily meetings and office interactions to video calls with extended family members or friends, it is all online. With travel and living expenses slashed, virtual events offer the same experience as…

Whole Human Summit

Whole Human Summit

Whole Human Summit is doing the amazing work of creating more equitable conditions for marginalized people in health care and research. Over the course of 2 months, they’re hosting 10 virtual sessions on topics of equity and access to inclusion and belonging all centered around health care and research.  The goal of these sessions is…

Ask Sched Webinar

#AskSCHED | Aug. 20

Watch the recording from last week’s #AskSCHED webinar. We discussed a number of topics and did live demos to fully cover best practices for setting up your event with Sched. Here’s an outline of what we covered and timestamps so you can skip to the parts that are most pressing for you: 1:52: Embed functionality…

Ask Sched Webinar

#AskSCHED | Aug. 13

Have you joined us for one of our weekly #AskSCHED webinars yet? To help our customers, as well as organizers at large, we’re holding regular “Ask Sched” sessions to teach the basics and also answer your questions live.

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Help Your Attendees Network Remotely

During these times of isolation, it’s great to be able to still come together and work on our professional selves. If you’re nervous about making the leap to replace your in-person conference with a fully virtual event, here are some tips to help your attendees network remotely around an online webinar or meeting.


How To Price Virtual Conferences

We asked event organizers about their biggest event marketing challenges. Though results were close, they reported that determining what price to charge for virtual events was their biggest challenge. We advocate that people price things based on the value they create and not entirely on their input costs. While many of us are moving to…

Engage Remote Audiences

9 Ways To Engage Your Remote Audience

While it’s tempting to get it all done in a day, we discourage making a virtual event 8 hours long. It’s best to host events for shorter periods over multiple days, for the best experience of your team, speakers, and attendees. This is your time to be innovative and creative. Using Sched for your virtual…