School districts across the US are still unsure what classrooms will look like this fall and plans are changing weekly. This past spring, teachers transitioned to virtual learning and many of us have heard and often experienced first hand the struggles of having kids home from school all day every day.

This struggle is also very real for teachers who are learning new platforms for teaching and inventing completely new lessons they can do with students online and from home. We talked to Dan Foreman, Associate Director at Digital Promise, about many of these struggles and how they pulled off a fully virtual summit for training educators that work with underserved schools to expose them to immersive technology and innovative curricula. 

Dan’s Key Takeaways For Managing Their Virtual Summit

Easily Organized

With lots of information to communicate and only the digital space to display it in, everything must be accessed and organized in a straightforward and intuitive way.

One Command and Control Center

Just like a conference center or information desk at an in-person event, there must be one central place attendees can go online to find all the details for the day. 

Manage Appearance

Many of us are used to printing banners and designing floor plans. For virtual conferences, it’s crucial that you’re able to brand the online experience and design it in a way that makes sense for your attendees.

“More Stuff in Less Places”

Dan’s personal mantra. We should all be striving for fewer clicks, more direct links, and easier paths for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

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