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A webinar by Sched, available on demand

In the current environment many event organizers are looking at the option of running virtual / online events. This will be an unfamiliar concept to many. Here at Sched we wanted to share some of our insight, learnings and ideas around how to market virtual events.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How to find the niche within your audience for your next virtual event
  • What messages to use to get your audience to register fast
  • What media to use to reach your potential attendees
  • How to capture and nurture potential registrants
  • How to make sure attendees actually complete their registration…before the last minute

The webinar is presented by Marvin McTaw, Sched’s CEO.

Looking to run a virtual event on Sched? Get started by creating your event or contacting us today. 


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Author: Marvin McTaw

Marvin McTaw is the Chief Executive Officer at Sched. He's primarily responsible for helping create exceptional experiences for the Sched team, event organizers and users. Marvin loves conferences and festivals (especially food festivals!). His favorite event is San Diego Comic-Con due to his lifelong interest in comic books and science fiction.