• Industrious: Renowned for its professional workspace layout, networking opportunities, and varied membership options.
  • Regus: Offers a vast portfolio of coworking spaces with flexible workspace options. However, it may have issues with customer service and hidden costs.
  • WeWork: Known for its global presence, modern facilities, community-building events, and emphasis on wellness and work-life balance.
  • Spaces: Provides beautifully designed workspaces with flexible membership options. However, it may suffer from poor customer service and unexpected charges.
  • Impact Hub: Focuses on supporting impact-driven ventures through adaptable workspaces, community events, and tailored membership options.
  • Common Desk: Offers creative and collaborative workspaces with various membership options. They also have weekly community events and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Serendipity Labs: Provides inviting workspaces with high-performance meeting facilities and networking opportunities, though pricing may be relatively higher.
  • Thrive Coworking: Offers purpose-driven workspaces with modern amenities, neighborhood engagement activities, and diverse membership options.



Today, flexibility, collaboration, and innovation reign supreme. That’s why traditional office spaces aren’t versatile enough. 

As the workforce becomes more remote-friendly, the demand for coworking spaces continues to grow. 

In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the best coworking spaces for your next meetings!



1) Industrious coworking space


Industrious Coworking Spaces
Industrious coworking spaces via Twitter


Industrious is a renowned coworking space that offers flexible workspaces for individuals and teams. They’re particularly popular with smaller companies and have a fairly positive reputation.


Industrious has multiple locations across the United States. They provide access to over 160 flexible workplaces. The company has a significant presence in various cities, supporting teams of all sizes and stages, from startups to Fortune 500s.


  • Workspace layout: The workspace is described as thoroughly professional and thoughtfully designed.
  • Meeting rooms: Access to conference rooms and other meeting spaces is available for members.
  • Amenities: Industrious offers a range of amenities, including daily breakfast, afternoon snacks, weekly happy hour, and free unlimited printing access.


  • Events & networking: Members have highlighted the networking and business exposure opportunities at Industrious.
  • Member testimonials: Members emphasize the welcoming physical layout, great light, and fantastic staff.
    The pricing for coworking spaces and private offices varies based on the location and membership type.
    • Community membership: starting at $414/month 
    • Private offices: starting at $779/month


  • Internet Speed: Industrious offers fast and secure Wi-Fi as part of their service offerings.


  • Limited customization and access: In shared workspaces, you can’t customize the space to individual preferences. Even private spaces may be used by other workers at different times, which restricts personalization.



2) Regus coworking spaces

Regus Coworking Spaces
Regus coworking spaces via Facebook


Regus offers coworking solutions designed to accommodate businesses of various sizes and needs. They’re a big name, attracting a large customer base with low prices. However, their overall reputation is notably lower than their competitors, so tread carefully.


Regus boasts a vast portfolio of 1,313 coworking spaces in sought-after locations in the USA.


  • Workspace options: Regus provides various workspace options, including open-plan areas, shared office spaces, private offices, and virtual offices.
  • Amenities: The coworking spaces come with high-quality facilities and flexible packages, offering tools.


  • Desk rental prices in a shared workspace range from €129 to €209 per person per month. These rates are derived from and apply to a 24-month contract. Actual pricing depends on the number of individuals, contract duration, location, and availability.
    • Please note, the prices for office space and coworking are subject to change.
      • And on that note, read up on the hidden costs of event management software. Don’t pay more than you should ever again! 


  • On-site support: Regus ensures a supportive environment for businesses with expert on-site support including receptionists, IT, cleaning, and security staff.




3) WeWork coworking space

Wework Coworking Spaces
WeWork coworking spaces via Facebook


WeWork is known for offering flexible workspaces designed to foster productivity, connectivity, and business growth. This is a solid option if you want to incorporate wellness team-building activities into your meeting schedules. 


WeWork has a global presence, with locations in hundreds of cities around the world. This widespread availability enables businesses to set up operations in prime locations.


  • Tech & design: WeWork spaces are equipped with fast WiFi, digital check-in systems, meeting rooms, and glass-enclosed conference rooms with videoconferencing technology. The design includes natural light, open areas, and quiet workspaces to enhance productivity and foster workplace connections.
  • On-site support: Each WeWork location has a dedicated Community team to coordinate events and provide building and membership-related support.
  • Amenities: WeWork’s facilities also include private phone booths, enterprise-class printers, and dedicated cleaning services to support the diverse needs of businesses and individuals.


  • Networking events: WeWork hosts monthly networking events and a variety of programming. For example, there are workshops, yoga classes, and catered lunches.
  • Wellness & work-life balance: WeWork emphasizes wellness by offering wellness rooms, community yoga sessions, and access to gyms and exercise studios.


WeWork offers flexible agreements and various membership options:

  • Membership cost: Est. £285 per person. 
  • Hot desk: starting at $230/month 
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $370/month 
  • Private office: starting at $540/month


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4) Spaces coworking spaces

Spaces Coworking Spaces
Spaces coworking spaces via Twitter


Spaces provide beautifully designed, adaptable workspaces designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. However, like Regus, they have a poor reputation among customers. 


Spaces offers over 3,000 locations in the US.


  • Creative environments: The coworking spaces offer creative environments that foster a thriving business community.
  • Unlimited access: Members can choose from memberships available for 5, 10, or unlimited days a month.
  • Worldwide access: Spaces membership provides access to thousands of workspaces around the world.


Spaces emphasize flexibility, offering a range of memberships suitable for freelancers, businesses, and teams of varying sizes. From coworking memberships to dedicated desks and virtual offices, Spaces caters to the evolving needs of modern professionals and organizations.

Budget & privacy

Spaces provide a cost-effective and flexible option for businesses looking to move or expand, with furniture, amenities, and unexpected expenses such as repairs already covered. 

  • Coworking membership: from $252/month 
  • Dedicated desk: from $311/month 24/7 
  • Office space: from $376/month 24/7

Additionally, the coworking spaces offer a degree of privacy to accommodate different work requirements.




5) Impact Hub coworking spaces

Impact Hub Coworking Spaces
Impact Hub coworking spaces via Impacthub

Impact Hub is a vibrant community that supports and empowers impact innovators to create positive change. Perfect for creative teams who want creative spaces for their offsite meetings. 


Impact Hub has over 100 coworking spaces in the US. 


  • Workspace layout: Impact Hub Houston provides adaptable workspaces designed to foster innovation and collaboration.
  • Meeting rooms: The space offers facilities for hosting events, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Amenities: Members can access resources, mentorship, and training opportunities.


  • Events & networking: Impact Hub Houston hosts a variety of impactful programs and events. Examples are open project nights, entrepreneurial summits, and expert roundtables.


  • Membership options: Impact Hub Houston offers various membership options, including entrepreneur and ecosystem memberships.


  • Limited privacy: Open coworking spaces may lack the privacy needed for certain tasks or confidential discussions.




6) Common Desk coworking spaces 

Common Desk Coworking Space
Common Desk coworking space via Thecommondesk


Common Desk provides coworking spaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and community.


Common Desk has coworking locations in several cities. These include Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and North Carolina.


  • Workspace layout: Common Desk offers various workspace options, including shared desks, private offices, and team suites.
  • Meeting rooms: Members have access to conference room bookings and flexible event spaces.
  • Amenities: The amenities include bottomless craft coffee, fast and secure wifi, patios, and green spaces.


  • Events & networking: Common Desk hosts weekly events that are worth attending.


Common Desk offers a variety of membership options with different pricing tiers. This includes student discounts, shared desk memberships, private offices, team suites, and day passes.

They can also sign up for a month-to-month membership on nights and weekends for $150 a month or a dedicated desk for $450 a month. Additional memberships are available, including private offices, “offspitality” suites, and shared desks.


  • Limited control: Shared facilities may limit the ability to customize the workspace to individual preferences.



7) Serendipity Labs coworking spaces

Serendipity Coworking Spaces
Serendipity coworking spaces via Serendipitylabs


Serendipity Labs offers flexible workplace solutions, creating inviting and productive workspaces. 


  • Serendipity Labs has numerous locations across the United States and the United Kingdom. This includes places like California, Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.


  • Workspace layout: Serendipity Labs provides private offices, team suites, and drop-in coworking spaces, offering a welcoming and inspiring workplace design.
  • Meeting rooms: The spaces offer a mix of flexible, high-performance meeting and event facilities, equipped with contactless check-in, Lab Café access, complimentary coffee, tea, and fruit-infused water.
  • Amenities: Members benefit from a range of amenities including enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, secure printing capabilities, sophisticated furnishings, and access to work lounges and focus rooms.


  • Events & networking: Serendipity Labs facilitates events through LINC, offering opportunities to learn from leaders, get inspired, network with the community, and collaborate with professionals.


Serendipity Labs offers various membership options, including private offices, team offices, meetings and events, and coworking and drop-ins. The pricing and membership details vary based on the specific location and membership type.


8) Thrive coworking spaces

Thrive Coworking Spaces
Thrive coworking spaces

Thrive coworking spaces offer a collaborative environment for individuals and businesses to work together. With modern amenities and flexible workspaces, Thrive provides a dynamic setting for productivity and networking.


Thrive Coworking has several locations across Alabama, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, and South Carolina.


  • Workspace layout: Thrive Coworking provides a variety of workspace options including private offices, dedicated desks, coworking spaces, virtual office memberships, meeting spaces, event spaces, and mailbox services.
  • Meeting rooms: Members have access to well-equipped meeting and event spaces suitable for various professional needs.
  • Amenities: The spaces offer design-forward and convenient environments, providing 24/7/365 access, local merchant partnerships, and workforce solutions for companies.


  • Events & networking: Thrive Coworking curates workplace culture with member events and activities, fostering neighborhood engagement through local merchant partnerships, creating a supportive and collaborative environment.


Thrive Coworking offers a range of membership options and pricing tiers tailored to the diverse needs of professionals and businesses:

  • Coworking: starting at $139/month 
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $345/month 
  • Private office: $835/month


  • Location availability: Thrive Coworking’s locations might not be accessible to everyone, potentially limiting the convenience for those in areas without a nearby location.


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In our exploration of the best coworking spaces in the US for 2024, several key players have stood out. Each offers unique advantages and amenities tailored to the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

As for which coworking space is perfect for you, well, you need to try them out to find out. 

Because we’re fans of trying before you buy. Case in point: try Sched for free before you go! 


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