Updates & Improvements

Our team is obsessed with helping you execute excellent events and are regularly releasing updates and improvements to our products and services. Below are some, but not all, highlights of these updates.

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MAY 15 2023
Coupon/Promo Codes
Provide your Attendees with coupon/promo codes to apply a percentage or specific value discount to tickets.
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APR 10 2023
Multiple Ticket Booking & Ticket Sharing
Attendees can book multiple tickets and then share these tickets with others.
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NOV 8 2022
Networking / Communication – Event Lobby and Announcements
Event Lobby and Announcements channels added to the Event Chat feature. The Announcements channel can be used to message participants on your event. The Event Lobby channel provides a place for participants to comment, share, post etc. with each other.
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OCT 14 2022
Paid Registration – Ticket Currency
Select the currency in which to collect payments.
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OCT 14 2022
Paid Registration – Absorb Sched Service Fee
Select to have the Sched Service Fee added to the ticket price and charged to attendees OR absorbed within the ticket price and deducted from ticket revenue.
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OCT 3 2022
Enhanced Speaker Tools
Speakers can modify even more fields than before, including the Session Title & Video Stream fields.
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AUG 9 2022
Create tickets and customize the name, description, quantity and time period of availability of each ticket. Also set ticket rules to limit what sessions an attendee can register for / access based on their ticket.
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DEC 29 2021
Attendee Self Check-In
Need to know who actually showed up at each virtual or in-person session? Create accountability with Attendee Self-Check-In download reports showing you exactly who showed up, for which sessions, and when they actually arrived.
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DEC 3 2021
User Chat & Messaging

Increase your event’s engagement and create more relationship-building opportunities with User Chat! Now all your event’s users can chat and message each other within the Sched Event Platform’s mobile apps. User chat works for attendees, speakers, sponsors, your organizing team, and anyone with a public profile on your event’s site.
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NOV 20 2021
Paid Registration + Stripe Integration

Collect payment from your attendees using Sched’s integration with Stripe.
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OCT 22 2021
Custom Registration Forms
Learn more about your event’s attendees with Custom Registration forms. These forms will allow you to collect additional information about your attendees beyond that required to create an account. The possibilities are endless including additional contact details, food preferences, professional certifications, or even their favorite superhero. The only limit is your imagination!
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MAR 17 2021

Updated Plans + Annual Subscriptions
If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll notice the plans have new names. The new plans make it easier to decide what you need for your event. We also launched annual subscriptions! These are great if you’re organizing more than one events per year. Contact us to learn more.
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OCT 19 2020

It’s HERE!
Check out our new look by visiting the new control panel from your event’s dashboard. Some of our favorite things include all privacy settings, exports, and messages in one place! We hope you love it as much as we do <3


JUNE 8 2020

Sneak Peak: New Control Panel!
Our team has been working hard on a new control panel dashboard behind the scenes. We’re making events easier to put online and Sched more intuitive to use. Here’s a sneak peek. OK,… here’s one more!


MAY 9 2020

Attendance Lists + Exports
Last year, we made it even easier to print out attendee’s schedules for them, if that’s your thing. This month, we fixed a few bugs to improve that process even more.


APR 26 2020

Speaker Bios
You’ve got great speakers at your event and now attendees can preview their bios at the session-level, without needing to click on the speaker’s avatar.


APR 18 2019

Viewing Sched on your Device(s)
Whether you use 5 monitors or a smartphone, we want you and your attendees to be able to view and sort your schedule easily.


MAR 27 2019

Session Feedback
We’ve made it even easier to find sessions with feedback disabled. The count now displays on your settings page.


FEB 10 2019

Email Confirmation Message
We’ve added a pop-up message to confirm who you’re sending your email announcements to. Just in case 🙂


FEB 1 2019
Sched Count is Live!
Sched Count makes it simple to manage and track session attendance within your event. It’s available in the iTunes store for all event’s on our Native plan.


JAN 18 2019
Important Site Stats on your Dashboard
Your admin control panel now displays new data from your feedback surveys. You can use this information to better understand what’s happening at your event.


JAN 5 2019
Attendees with more than 1 ticket
Because attending events is more fun with friends, if your attendee buys 2 tickets on Eventbrite, they can now reserve 2 seats on Sched for each session they reserve.


JAN 4 2019
Collecting Feedback
We want to help you collect more feedback using Sched so now attendees are able to give survey feedback from their personal Sched page and will receive an email reminder at the end of each day.
But, what’s the point of collecting feedback if you can’t find it? We now include feedback stats in your post-event report.


JAN 3 2019
Global Check-in Managers
Users can now be flagged as Global Checkin Managers, allowing them to access all sessions from the Checkin App (even if they’re not admins).

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