The world of event management has been abuzz since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Not that the event industry has ever seen a dull day, but these unprecedented times have ushered in the need for innovative solutions and ideas. And many have turned to podcasts seeking expertise and inspiration.

Podcasts for event organizers? Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

What Are Podcasts?

We all search for meaningful conversations in our lives, words that enchant us, leave us mesmerized, teach us, put a smile on our faces, or just provide food for thought. Podcasts have gained prominence as a form of infotainment, entertainment and education. Perhaps it’s the liveliness in the words or the feeling of having company, but podcasts are a hit and are here to stay!

There are quite a few ​event planning podcasts​, and we’re here to list out some of the best ones for your listening pleasure as well as enrichment. So, read on!

The Best Event Planning Podcasts:

1. The Events Insights Podcast

The Events Insight is presented by event industry experts Jack Saward and Ellan Campbell-Swann. Framed as a conversation rather than an interview, this podcast celebrate the event industry. Listen for gaining a sense of optimism, fun and entertaining planning anecdotes, and knowledge sharing.

2. #EventIcons

One of the most talked-about podcasts in the realm of event management, #EventIcons is for those seeking to learn from the best. The basic premise is that Will Curran, founder of Endless Events, introduces his guests to some of the biggest names in the event planning industry. What’s better than to get words straight out of the horse’s mouth? This not only includes talks on thought leadership but also features quirky behind the scenes, goof-ups, let downs, the whole shebang!

3. GatherGeeks

Not only is the name of this podcast very interesting, so is the content. GatherGeeks is hosted by David Adler, founder and chairman of BizBash, a very well known name when it comes to delivering high-quality event experiences. And it is no wonder then that this podcast focusses on experiential services, covering ground from tricks and tips for novices to old-timers alike. Fund-raisers, launches, trade fairs, you name it and they’ve discussed it all.

4. Event Tech Podcast

The name probably might’ve given you the idea already. Event Tech Podcast covers everything under the sun related to the intersection of event management and technology. The technology was already on the rise since the beginning of the 21st century, but the pandemic has further provided a fillip to this integration, and the podcast, too, has directed its efforts towards ​virtual events​ for the last few episodes. From ​event planning app​ reviews to talks about AI-enabled event management apps, this podcast will keep you on the top of the latest happenings in the event tech world.

5. Meeting Minds with Charles Eide

Charles Eide hosts the best in the industry to talk about a range of stuff from the event planning world. Headlines, crash courses and a few cheat codes to redefine the industry of live experiences are belabored on. The podcast is suited to new entrants in the industry, for it seeks to give them a panoramic view of what they can expect. Many a time, the focus of this podcast concerns nature and types of events, ​event marketing​, and what event planners can do to ensure the smooth functioning of an event.

6. The EventMind Podcast

This weekly podcast focuses on online events and how to make running them as simple as possible. Each episode features a special guest like Clare Forestier and Carrie Abernathy. They cover a wide range of topics from social media strategy to gaining virtual confidence and more. Tune into this podcast for the most trending conversations in the event industry at the moment.

7. Lodging Leaders

Events and hospitality go hand in hand, and this podcast brings you the hot happenings in both these domains. Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell discuss the movers and shakers in the hospitality industry, big events, the state of tourism, lodging and event management. Their talks center not only around tips and tricks to make the actual event better, but also about using statistics and data to better plan and manage future events.

8. Art Of The Hustle

It’s cut-throat competition, and this is a dog eat dog world. With the event planning industry burgeoning and saturated with big companies that offer a wide variety of services to small niche ones, your events need something to have an edge over others if you’re planning to survive. The Art of the Hustle, co-produced by WeWork and iHeartRadio, talks about how you can climb the ladder of success by inculcating some healthy habits that electrify your work culture and environment and let you soar.

Signing Off

If you’re looking for some education and entertainment on your daily commute while washing dishes, you can always plug in your earphones and hear out stimulating, inspirational talks. These were our picks for podcasts in the event management domain!

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