As the world moves more towards ​virtual events​, you might be wondering what ​equipment​ is best for hosting virtual events.
Lights, cameras, and green screens are some of the essential to hosting a good event for ​event professionals​. It adds production value and keeps your viewers engaged.


In the world of ​event management​, without a good lighting setup, it’s going to be difficult to host a compelling virtual event. Unlike regular events, remote viewing needs to have proper lighting to be effective.

There are many different lights that you can incorporate into your event. When purchasing lighting equipment online, look for brightness, adjustability, and durability.

There are plenty of options out there for lighting to make your ​keynote ​more engaging. A ring light can be great for highlighting close-up subjects with soft light. You can check the​ ​Diva Ring Light Super Nova 18″​ as a great ring-light you can use in your virtual events.

Alternatively, you may need an​ ​LED Flood Light​ for your events. These have a great light throw and are extremely durable. A wide color spectrum means that your colors will pop and appear more vivid.

Once you have your lighting set-up taken care of, it’s time to look into the audio.


When hosting a good virtual event, your microphone setup is almost as important as the lights that you use. Your audience will be relying on a good microphone set up to be able to hear the event properly. If your viewers aren’t able to hear you properly because of improper audio recording​ equipment,​ it will be harder to keep them continually engaged during the course of the event.

When it comes to sound, it’s a good idea to go ahead and invest in a formidable microphone set up as part of ​event management​ that will give your virtual event the strong audio support that would make your event audible with good deep bass tones.

The internet has plenty of good options for recording high-quality audio during your events. Professional condensers like​ ​Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser USB Microphone​ are a great option for the audio for your events. They work well to cut out ambient noise and suppress unwanted sounds.

Alternatively, you can consider targeted microphones like the​ ​Audio-Technica AT875R Line and Gradient Condenser Shotgun Microphone​. It works well to record sounds of the intended subject while canceling out unwanted noise.

Now that you have crisp sound for your event, it’s time to look at the best choices for video cameras in the market today.


Since your audience won’t be able to experience your event in person because they’re watching virtually, you definitely want to have a crisp, high-definition camera system to record your content.

Having a high-resolution video feed will make a great difference in keeping your audience engaged because your stream will have better quality and be more legible.

Low-quality video feeds can make an event more difficult to follow because of reduced clarity. It’s just harder to see important details like the information written down on a board or other things that might pop-up on the screen.

The​ ​Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III​ is a 20.4-megapixel camera that works great for virtual events and blogs. It’s lightweight, compact, and durable, making it great value for money.

For an idea of the kind of cameras that are great for recording virtual events, you can check out the​ ​Canon XC15 Professional Camcorder​. It offers everything you need to produce crisp, high-quality video for your virtual events.

These cameras do a great job at recording. Now, your research should lead you to a high-quality green screen.

Green Screens

Hosting virtual events allows you to utilize green screens to the maximum. You can let your creativity show by modifying the background in your event. Interesting backdrops with moving images, important messages, and graphics during the course of your event can help keep your audience engaged and attentive. Boring, static backgrounds do not help with holding the interest of your viewer in the long run.

Instead, you can include many things for the background of your set to pique the interest of your audience. This is all made possible by having a green screen set up behind the subject that you’re recording.

Post-production video editing while ​event marketing​ allows you to edit out your green screen and replace it with any backdrop of your choice. You can use this to your advantage to captivate your audience and keep them engaged for longer periods of time.

When it comes to green screens, it’s a good idea to keep it simple with a tried and tested brand for the sake of quality. A bright, clear-colored green screen is easier to work during post-production.

There are plenty of options out there for green screens, but we suggest you stick to the most cost-effective but high-quality options like the​ ​iOgrapher Portable Green Screen​. If you’re looking for more options, check out the​ ​Elgato Green Screen – Collapsible Chroma Key Panel​. These are the best picks out there for high-quality, durable green screens.

Since the green screen is all taken care of, you can take your set-up to a new level with modern, standing desks.


While hosting, you will need a good desk set up for your virtual event. When it comes to furniture, you can be as exquisite or as simple as you like. Remember, the most important factors that will influence your decision are strength, durability, lumbar support, and comfort.

You can have a look at the​ ​SmartDesk 2 – Home Office​ standing desks to get an idea of what the market has to offer for your virtual event hosting. Standing desks are great for keeping you active and productive throughout your meetings.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try the​ ​L-Shaped SmartDesk​. They’re effective for creating a set-up around corners of your room.

While you do want the setup of your ​keynote​ to be more presentable, it shouldn’t detract away from the experience of the event, which is definitely something you don’t want. So, when it comes to desks and chairs in your set, keeping it simple but elegant is the best way to go.

Shipping Equipment To Speakers

Due to the remote nature of virtual events, it may be necessary to ship out ​equipment​ to speakers in different places. Shipping your ​equipment​ out to your speakers in case they don’t have it is the most effective way to make your virtual event compelling. The reason you want to do this is, is for the sake of consistency.

If some of your sets look well equipped with high-quality sound systems, high-definition cameras, green screens, and proper furniture, while others look like an amateur movie, the audience is going to notice. It’s immediately noticeable when another portion of the event is hosted in a different place and has inferior ​equipment​.

To avoid this, it may be necessary to ship out the ​equipment​ to speakers in other places to be able to regularize the quality of the event during its entire course.


When hosting something like an online​ webinar​, there’s plenty of ​equipment​ needed to make it as effective as possible. This​ equipment​ can be in the form of furniture, ​tools,​ and ​gear​ that will make your audience more engaged with the better lighting, microphone set up, and proper green screen.

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