Digital Promise leads meetings and summits for education leaders, researchers, and technology developers in a commitment to improve learning opportunities for all and close the Digital Learning Gap. Operations Manager, Sara Rosenthal, reflected on all the aspects of their virtual event that helped create an engaging and accessible experience. 

Here are six simple tips she recommends when executing your virtual conference or event: 

1. Set Conference Norms

Give your attendees guidance on the best way to be engaged. Encourage them to turn their cameras on, participate in Q&A and find a comfortable place where they can sit up and hear clearly. 

2. Daily Kick Off

Create a session just for attendees to get tuned in and ready for the day. Think of it as the coffee station you usually have at a conference center. You can take attendance if needed and troubleshoot any technical issues before the main events begin.

3. Room Moderators

So your speakers can focus on delivering the value they’ve prepared for attendees, book moderators in each session to keep an eye on the chat and Q&A. Once your attendees see that their questions are being addressed, more people will start chiming in and participating in the conversations.  

4. Preparation and Training

Moderators, speakers, hosts, volunteers and all your new virtual roles need proper training on using the video streaming tools and other online engagement platforms. Schedule ample time for practice run throughs and create easy reference manuals for your key stakeholders. 

5. Virtual Help Desk

Keep a meeting room open and staffed all day. Attendees that might be lost or struggling with technology always know where to turn for direction or assistance in using your online platforms.

6. Back Up Plans

We’ve all been through the pains of having our internet cut out or computers freeze up unexpectedly. Create a plan for recovering quickly if a speaker is kicked offline or the presentation screen freezes. 

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Author: Rachel Drudi

As an event producer and creative collaborator, with a focus on community relations and a passion for design thinking, Rachel helps create and manage experiences on and offline; working at the intersection between ideation and execution. Rachel is here to help you set your business and event apart by focusing on the way your customers, clients, and community interact and engage with you. She especially loves working with companies that are just getting started.