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How to Manage Events on Digital Platforms

Virtual events, often known as online events, are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Technology has advanced to the point that businesses, individuals, and organizations can now host virtual events that even compete with real events. Learn how to host entertaining and engaging events that will keep your audience want more. What are virtual events?…

How to Effectively Promote Your Events With Influencers

How to Effectively Promote Your Events With Influencers

One of the effective ways for brands to engage with their audiences is to hold events. Given that the situation in the world is changing over time, classic events transform and new ones appear. Thus, online events have been gaining momentum for a while, though a slight shift back to offline meetings is also noticeable….

We the Educators Success Story

How Civic Spirit Used Sched to Create Community

In February 2021, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, non-profit Civic Spirit hosted one of their most involved events to date: a virtual 3-week civics symposium. The symposium, called We the Educators, aimed to equip teachers with the skills to have important conversations with students about participating in their schools, their communities and their country.  To…

Social Justice Week

How Jesuit High School Used Sched For Social Justice

As the cornerstone of Social Justice Week at Jesuit High School in Portland, OR, the Jesuit Day of Community & Action was a day for students and faculty/staff to engage in a “mini-conference” with a keynote address and workshops on a variety of issues related to social justice. Taking place on March 17, 2021, students,…

Best Virtual Event Equipment

The Best Equipment For Hosting Virtual Events

As the world moves more towards ​virtual events​, you might be wondering what ​equipment​ is best for hosting virtual events. Ω Lights, cameras, and green screens are some of the essential to hosting a good event for ​event professionals​. It adds production value and keeps your viewers engaged. Lights In the world of ​event management​,…