Registration and Ticketing

Does your event have tiered ticketing, restricted access, or ticket packages? If your tickets allow access to specific days or activities, you can set up tickets with rules to control what attendees can add to their personal agenda.

We now have API endpoints that allow any ticketing providers or registration platforms to build an integration with Sched and sync in ticket buyers to your event.

Registration Flow For Attendees

  1. Attendee buys a ticket on your registration platform.
  2. The platform automatically adds the ticket to Sched attendee via the ticket API two ways: 1) If the attendee doesn’t already have a Sched account, it’s created and the attendee receives an email invite with a link to log in. 2) If the attendee already has a Sched account, the ticket just gets added to the existing account.
  3. The attendee can then create a custom agenda according to limitations set by their particular ticket(s).

Steps to Managing Your Registration with Sched

  1. Create an event page hosting the tickets sales on your registration or ticketing platform.
  2. Create a Sched event page hosting the schedule here.
  3. Set up the ticket sales on the registration platform.
  4. Set up the ticket types in Sched, with schedule permissions for each ticket type.
  5. Enter your Sched API key and relevant information (event ID, what we call conf ID internally) in the registration platform setup.
  6. Tie the Sched ticket types to corresponding tickets.

Share our API documentation with your ticketing provider. Contact us at to learn more.

If your event is free, use tickets without another registration or ticketing platform. Learn more here =>