Enable Self Check-In

Note: this feature is available on our Plus and Premium Plans. If you would like to upgrade your plan this can be done via your event Control Panel (under Settings > Billing) or you can Contact Our Sales Team

When enabled, attendees will not be able to see the video stream of their session until they have checked in. Self Check-In will allow an attendee to check-in to a session two minutes before a session begins to two minutes after it has completed.  And earlier than two minutes before the session begins, and attendees will be instructed to wait for the check-in period.

Once a session completes, the check-in language will disappear from the session page, and attendees will no longer be able to check-in.

1. Click on Settings from your Control Panel #

Picture 30

2. In your settings ‘Attendance’ section #

Picture 31

3. Select ‘Allow attendee Self Check-In’ #

Picture 32

4. Select Save at the bottom of the page #

Picture 34

After your session #


When you are ready to review your session attendance. You can find this information in your event’s Export page.

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