Ticket Warnings

If an attendee tries to add a session they don’t have permission to add, a pop-up warning will show up. There are two possible messages that show, depending on if they hit the count limit or if they don’t have a ticket at all.

Customize these warning messages on Settings => Eventbrite. This is a perfect place to link to your tickets and up-sell attendees.
Ticket Warning Messges

Count Exceeded #

If they’re trying to add more sessions than allowed:
Ticket Warning

No Ticket #

If they don’t have the correct ticket:
Ticket Required

Ticket Link #

If an additional ticket needs to be purchased, you can include a direct link to the ticket type and prompt your attendees to purchase.
Ticket Warning Purchase
When attendees click the link they will be taken to the second step of their Eventbrite transaction with the ticket type already selected.
Eventbrite Ticket Warning Link

You can customize this ticket warning across all sessions or you can edit this for each session on the session’s edit page.

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