Ticket Rules

Attendees can add unlimited sessions if no ticket rules are set. If your tickets allow access to days or activity types, set up ticket rules to limit what attendees can add. Add rules for all ticket types, if you add them for one.

Set Up Ticket Rules #

  1. Once the Session Types have been set, you can now set up the ticket rules. Adding ticket rules will let the Event Organizers make sure that attendees can only add the sessions that are included in their tickets.

    1. Go to Settings > Eventbrite.
    2. Click Set Up next to the ticket type.
    3. Select the appropriate restrictions. For clarity’s sake, you can name the rule.
    4. Click Add Rule.
    5. Add additional rules and click Save Ticket when you’re done.

    Learn how to Set Up Ticket Rules(Unlimited Sessions, October 6, 2023, Workshop-Vimeo/Youtube). – Event Organizer’s View

    Here is also an Attendee’s view on what they’ll see with the Ticket Rules set above.


Ticket Names #

You can also rename your Tickets.

1. Go to Settings > Eventbrite.
2. Click Set Up next to the ticket type.
3. Change the name under Ticket Name
4. Click Save



Cumulative #

Tickets are not cumulative. If attendees have many tickets of the same kind, they can add sessions that one of those tickets allows. Set tickets as cumulative so attendees can add more sessions if they have more than one copy of that ticket.

All attendees need their own Sched account. This is not a way for attendees to sign up many people under one account.

If you have the Boost or Ultra plan, attendees with many tickets of the same kind will be able to reserve the spots. The ticket rules must not be set to cumulative to make this possible.

Switch the toggle to make tickets cumulative:



Multiple Rules Under One Ticket #

Add many rules to limits the number of sessions for many days or the number of sessions of a certain type.

Create a ticket that would allow 3 Astronaut Training sessions, and 1 History session.

The first rule (3 Astronaut Training sessions):

  • 3 sessions
  • on all days
  • session type Astronaut Training

3 Astro

The second rule (1 History session):

  • 1 session
  • on all days
  • session type History

1 History


1. I can’t set ticket rules, I can’t see the sessions under “Across this Session Types”
Sessions need to have Session Types to set up Ticket Rules since Event Organizers will create rules using the Session Types.
2. I set the ticket rule that the attendee can only add this SPECIFIC session type, why does this attendee can add a session that has a different session type?
If all of the Session Types are not added in Any Ticket Rules, attendees can add them regardless of the ticket they have. If you want to limit the Attendee to pick only the Sessions that are only part of their ticket, make sure to add all Session Types in the Ticket Rules.

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