Event Registration – Eventbrite

This is a guide for using Eventbrite to collect registrations / sign ups for your event.

Eventbrite is one of the leading platforms used for event ticketing and registration. Sched has an integration with their platform that allows you to manage your event registration and ticketing on Eventbrite in conjunction with your Sched event. Once setup and activated the Integration will automatically import attendees into Sched as they register on Eventbrite.

Create an Eventbrite Event #

  1. Create an account or Log in to Eventbrite
  2. Go to Eventbrite’s Create an event support guide
  3. Follow the steps outlined

Setup the Eventbrite Integration #

  1. Go to Sched’s Set up Eventbrite support guide
  2. Follow the steps outlined

Managing the Eventbrite Integration #

  1. Go to Sched’s Eventbrite Integration support guide
  2. Consult the relevant guides and follow the steps outlined

Attendee Experience #

Attendees can register / sign up for your event in 2 different ways:

  1. Directly on Eventbrite
  2. Via the Tickets section on your Sched event

We have a demo event available to try-out both these methods:

  1. Register for Sched Demo Event on Eventbrite
  2. Register for Sched Demo Event via Tickets section on Sched

Things To Keep In Mind #

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