Merge Duplicate Profiles

Sched detects duplicate profiles if the name and/or email match and a profile is inactive. A profile is inactive until the participant logs in.

Participants with potential duplicate accounts display in the directory like this:
Possible Dupe

Merge duplicate profiles so participants aren’t listed twice:

  1. Go to your Speakers, Sponsors, or Attendees and find the profile you want to merge.
  2. Click to edit the profile and go to Duplicates.
  3. Duplicates

  4. Confirm the profiles listed are the correct profiles.
  5. Check the box and click “Merge Profiles”.
  6. Merging duplicate profiles is a permanent change and cannot be undone in the control panel.

The most recently updated information from each profile will be kept in the existing profile. If the participant had two different emails, the email address associated with the account they most recently accessed will be associated with the new profile. We recommend confirming the email address and letting the participant know which they can log in with.

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