Session Attendance: Enroll and Withdraw

View Attendance #

View the details of who’s signed up and when they added a session to their schedule. You can enroll or withdraw attendees from this list at any time. This is helpful for VIPs that you want to force into popular sessions.

Go to Schedule and click on the attendance number next to a session.

If waitlisting is enabled and a session hits capacity, you can also view who is on the waitlist.

Enroll Attendees #

  1. Go to Schedule.
  2. Click on the session.
  3. On the “Attendees” tab you can enroll existing attendees in a session using the search box. If the session is full, this will force enroll attendees as VIP past the capacity limit. This will not bump anyone off the attendance list.

Enrole Attendees

Force Attendees off Waitlist #

  1. Go to Attendees.
  2. Click on the attendee and go to the “Schedule” tab.
  3. Find the session you want to force them into and click on the drop-down, then click “Force on Attendance List.”

Force On To List

Withdraw Attendees #

You can withdraw attendees from the session attendance list. Attendees are not notified when they are removed, so you should notify them of important changes.

  1. Go to Schedule, choose the session.
  2. Click on the drop-down button beside the attendee name you’d like to withdraw.
  3. Click “Withdraw.”


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