Event Registration – Sched

This is a guide for using Sched to collect registrations / sign ups for your event.

Registration & Event Privacy Settings #

Set the privacy of your event to allow attendees to register for your event directly on Sched:

  1. Go to Settings > General in your event Control Panel
  2. Select Edit in the Privacy section
  3. Select Public event with open signup
  4. Click Save

Attendee Registration Form #

Enable and customize an attendee registration form to collect additional info from your attendees.

Setup #

  1. Go to Settings > Registration in your event Control Panel
  2. Enter an Intro Message (optional)
  3. Enter a Confirmation Message (optional)
  4. Click Save Messages
  5. Add + New Field (optional)
    • Enter a Field Caption
    • Enter a Field Descriptoin
    • Click Add Field
  6. Use ▼ arrows to modify order of fields (optional)
  7. De-select Required Field if you do not want a field to be mandatory (optional)
  8. Click Save Fields
  9. Toggle ON Enable attendee registration form
  10. Toggle ON Allow attendees to skip registration (optional)


Reporting #

Access the registration form data for an individual attendee:

  1. Go to the Attendees section in your event Control Panel
  2. Find the Attendee
  3. Click on their Name
  4. Go to the Registration tab

Access the registration form data for all attendees:

  1. Go to your Settings > Attendees in your event Control Panel
  2. Click on the Cloud Icon to access Exports 
  3. Download the Registrations file


Things To Keep In Mind #

  • The First Name, Last Name and Email fields on the Attendee Registration Form are mandatory. It is not possible to remove these.
  • Information provided on the Attendee Registration Form is viewable to Admins only. It will not display on Attendee Profiles.


Collect Payments #

Collect payment from attendees when they register for your event. To use this feature first create an account with Stripe (or use an existing account) and then connect this with your Sched event. Stripe is a world-leading payment processing platform that processes payments on your behalf. Sched is integrated with Stripe to allow your attendees to quickly and seamlessly pay your event registration fee.  

Stripe Setup #

If you DO NOT have an existing Stripe account:

  1. Go to the Stripe’s Getting started support guide
  2. Follow the steps outlined under Setting up your account
  3. If you need any help this process you can Contact Stripe Support
  4. Once your Stripe account has been approved then continue onto Sched Setup below.

Sched Setup #

  1. Go to Settings > Registration in your event Control Panel
  2. If you see a Please enable Ticket API to continue message contact our Support Team to have this enabled.
  3. Click on Connect with Stripe
  4. Login to your Stripe Account
  5. In Sched, confirm you have a Stripe Connection Status: Active message displayed.
  6. Enter your Registration Fee
  7. Click Save Payment


Managing Payments #

Most of the common tasks related to collecting payments can be managed via your Stripe account. This includes pay-outs, declined payments, receipts and refunds.

  1. Go to stripe.com/login and sign into your account
  2. Search support.stripe.com if you need help

Things To Keep In Mind #

  • Collecting payments is currently only available for organizers with a Stripe account in the United States. 
  • Additional fees will apply when collecting payments:
    • Sched service fee:
      • 5% of the registration fee
      • Added to the registration fee and charged to attendees
      • eg. if you set the registration fee as $20 attendees will be charged $21.
    • Stripe transaction fees:
      • 2.9% + $0.30 (USD) per transaction.
      • +1% for international cards (non-U.S.)
      • +1% if currency conversion is required (to USD)
      • Charged to the organizer
      • eg. if an attendee pays $21 using a U.S. card the transaction fee will be $0.91
  • All major credit or debit cards are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Diners.

Domain Whitelisting #

Restrict sign up and login to your event to those with specified email domains (eg. @yourorganization.com).

  1. Go to Settings > General in your event Control Panel
  2. Enter the email domains in the Account Creation Domain Whitelist field (eg. @sched.com)

Attendee Experience #

Where attendees can register:

  1. Your Sched Event Website – eg. yourevent.sched.com/signup
  2. Your Own Website – if you are using the website embed option
  3. Either the Sched Mobile Apps or your Branded/Native Mobile Apps (if purchased)

How attendees can register:

  1. An Email address
  2. An existing Sched account
  3. Their Google account
  4. Their Facebook account

The steps attendees will go through to register:

  1. Go to the Signup Page on web or mobile and select their preferred registration option
  2. Complete the Attendee Registration Form (if enabled)
  3. Provide credit / debit card details for Payment (if enabled)
  4. Once complete they will have Access to the Event

Here is a example video walk-through of the process (with Registration Form and Payment enabled):

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