Let Speakers Edit Their Profile

Collecting information from your speakers can require a ton of email communication. Save time by letting speakers edit their own profile.

Speakers can edit their profiles on their settings page:
Speaker Edit

Inviting All Speakers At Once #

    1. Go to Messages.
    2. Click “Select People to Invite.”
    3. Toggle on the people you’re ready to invite.
    4. Click “Send Invites.”

Invite Speakers

Speaker Invite Email

Re-inviting Speakers #

If a speaker can’t find their invite or forgot their password, you can re-invite them. On the edit page of a speaker profile, go to Message => Send Password Reset.

If they’ve never logged in, you can also copy the link for them to log in and send it to them directly.
Speakers Edit
Speakers can also reset their password here:
Password Reset

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