Event Chat

Sched’s Chat feature allows you to message and chat with with other Attendees on your event as well as Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors etc. You can send direct messages and also create group chats.

Access Chat #

  1. Set your Sched profile to Public (if required)
  2. On the Web, click on the Chat Icon (see video below)
  3. On the Mobile App, click on the Chat Tab (see video below)

Send Messages #

  1. Click on the New Message Icon
  2. Use the Check Box to select who you would like to message (direct message or group chat)
  3. Send a Message, Image and/or File

Things To Keep In Mind #

  • Chat will only be available if the event organizer has enabled this feature.
  • You can only find and chat with others who have set their Sched profile to Public




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