Add Attendees

Once you’ve configure the settings, added the schedule, and customized the design, you can invite attendees.

Attendees get their own profile page and save a custom schedule. They can connect their Facebook/Twitter to see what their friends are attending.

List attendees on your Sched site:
Attendee Listing

Add Attendees One At A Time #

  1. Go to => Attendees.
  2. Click the add button to include their name, photo, and email. Click “Extended Fields” to fill out more profile information like Company, Position, Location.
  3. Click “Add”  or “Add + Invite” to instantly add the attendee to your directory. You can send the invite at a later time if you’re not ready to have attendees log in yet.

Add Many Attendees At Once #

Add many attendees at once using the directory spreadsheet in Excel. We recommend importing once and managing changes through the control panel. Although, you can export and re-import at any time. This will overwrite any changes made in the control panel, so ensure your team sticks to one strategy.

Tips for Using the Directory Spreadsheet:

  • Not Possible To Delete Attendees: Deleting a row and re-importing will not delete people from your event. You can only delete people from your control panel.
  • Required Format: Do not delete Rows 1 – 5 or any of the columns or importing will not work. Resize columns you aren’t using so they take up less space.
    1. Go to Attendees and click the add button.
    2. Click “Download spreadsheet.” This includes any existing attendees. Leave them intact and when you re-import, only new people will be added.
    3. Add your attendee info in a new row and save the file.

Multiple Attendees At Once

  1. Once you’re ready to import, click “Select a File” and then “Import.”
  2. When importing, you can choose to send attendees an invite to log in and make changes to their own profile.

Import Screen


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