Attendee Guide and Experience

To streamline the registration process for attendees and provide them with guidance on what to expect, we have created video guides that you can share based on your event’s privacy settings or type.

Event Privacy: Open Signup
Register – Purchase Ticket – Answer Registration

Since the Event Privacy is set to open signup, the video demonstrates how attendees can register themselves without receiving any welcome invitations. The video also provides instructions on how to purchase tickets and complete the registration form.


Event Privacy: Open Signup
Register – Coupon – Purchase Ticket – Answer Registration

If your event has the same open signup event privacy, but you wish to demonstrate to your attendees how to use a coupon, please share the following video with them:


Event Privacy: Invite Only
How to accept an invite – Purchase Ticket – Answer Registration – Add Sessions – Checkin

If the event is set to Invite-only login privacy, attendees need to be invited by the event organizers. Here’s a video guide showcasing the attendee experience:

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