Welcome Invites

Invitation Email #

Invitation emails don’t go out until you’re ready. Invite attendees after you’ve added your schedule so there’s content to explore.

The welcome email includes a link to set a password and details about creating a profile and personal agenda.

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Sending Invites Now #

Send an invite while adding people to your directory:
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Or send out invites while importing attendees:
Import Screen 1

Sending Invites Later #

If you aren’t ready, you can send invites at a later time. Go to Messages and click “Select People to Invite.”
Invite Later
You can invite users as a group.

  1. Go to Attendees.
  2. Select many attendees with the checkbox.
  3. Select “Invite” from the “Bulk Actions” drop-down menu.

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This will not re-invite attendees who have previously received an email invite.

Customize Welcome Email To Be Sent To Different Roles #

Invitations can also be sent to attendees after uploading your spreadsheets via the control panel. You can do this by clicking on ‘Add + Send Invite’ via the roles page.

Resending Invites #

If an attendee can’t find their invite or forgets their password, resend an invite or generate a password reset link.

  1. Go to Attendees.
  2. Click on the attendee that needs helps.
  3. Go to Message.
  4. Click “Send Invite Now” or “Generate Link.”


Password Reset #

People can also reset their own password here: yourevent.sched.com/password-reset
Password Reset

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